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Hi hi! Getting to do a self intro lol. Sorry getting to late start.
Hello, Hi I'm Jeni, a.k.a Panda in some areas lol
I'm sure people have seen my cards floating around vingle. I dabble in the fan fic section, and in other groups. My top 3 boy groups are B.A.P, BTS, and EXO, my top 3 girl groups are Twice, Red Velvet, and BlackPink.

I'm happy to say I get the opportunity to be on Twice Mod support team. I love this girl group, they are so fun and loveable and their songs are super addictive to sing along to lol.
The girls I'm working with are super nice and am happy to work with them.
psst one of my fav pictures and bias of the group
The group of us have a bunch of idea's and I'm so looking forward to what we'll be up to.
Now I shall spam with Tzuyu, Dahyun, and Naeyeon. my top 3 girls in the group lol

ONCE GIRLS! Kenya - @KenyaMendoza Jazzy/Jasmyn - @awkwardjazzy Haruka/Haru - @InfinitySky Nikki - @adritae Jena - @turntuptae Cassie- @CLAKPOP