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Todays Feelings Friday {FF} feeling is frustration. One anime I found that brought out the frustration in me was Maid Sama.
Why, though?! I found myself constantly frustrated as it was completely obvious that Takumi Usui has feeling for Misaki Ayuzawa. Yet, Misaki seems to be oblivious to the fact. Through out the whole anime, I remember hoping that the two of them would ship Other then this fact I would say that this anime, Maid Sama is up there in my top 5 favorite animes. I highly recommend it to all!!
So which anime brought out the feeling of Frustration the most for you?! Please make your own {FF} card and tag me in it!!

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Spoilers ahoy! Fullmetal Alchemist. Overall, the anime was great, but Wrath and Pride frustrated me like nobody's business. Seriously, neither of them would frigging die! No matter what anybody threw at them, they refused to drop! 😖
The only resent anime that brought me some frustration was Sakura saou no pet. because although I like both the main and secondary girl for the protagonist I felt like the secondary girl had a much better chemistry with the protagonist Kanda and in the end it doesnt appear to have swung that way in her favor which was disappointing
great card!
Thank you!