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Here's another one for you guys~ Hope you enjoy!!

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Chapter 8: Get Well Soon~

With the money Chanyeol returned to you; you rushed to book a flight and go see your family for 4 days to celebrate your mum's birthday.

It was wonderful seeing them back in the UK; but it was like your life in Korea had never occurred; it felt a little strange not seeing those 12 loud and lively boys....

Of course your friend India poked and prodded you for answers as to which kpop idols you'd seen and what intel on SM you had gotten; but to her bitter disappointment; you had no news to reveal except that the boys you were working with were going to debut and were nice.

Once you'd arrived back at the dorms - it was late into the night, but a few of the boys were still awake and greeted you with smiles and light hugs.

In the morning before the boys left for training they all greeted you and looked genuinely happy to see you back. Luhan asked how your family was; Chanyeol asked how your mum's birthday went and Zitao asked if you had brought him any souvenirs.

'Here~' You said handing Tao a large bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk Chocolate which was something you could get only from the UK.

Tao's eyes glimmered and twinkled in delight.

'WAAAH Y/N-SHI THANK YOU!!!' He squealed grabbing the bar and holding it tightly to his chest like it was gold.

'Ha ha no problem Zitao-shi.' You said smiling.

The other boys looked at the chocolate wantingly; especially Jongin, Sehun and Chanyeol who subconsciously licked her lips.

'Don't worry I brought some more for all of you.' You chuckled handing over some more packets to them.

'Fight for them amongst yourselves though.' You laughed packing the boys' things for the day.
'La - La - La - LAAaaAa --__ *cough* *cough*' Baekhyun spluttered; trying to reach a high note during vocal training class with Kyungsoo, Jongdae and Luhan.

They looked up at him confused.

'I'm sorry I'll try again Sunbaenim.' Baekhyun bowed attempting to reach the high note again.

'La - La - La....LAAA__*cough* *cough*' He spluttered and coughed once again, rubbing the back of his neck in frustration. Baekhyun never liked not being able to reach a note - why on earth was his voice not helping him today?

'Drink.' Kyungsoo said handing Baekhyun a water bottle you had given him before practice.

'Thanks.' Baekhyun said gulping it down.

'Baekhyun-shi, go home.' The vocal teacher said taking the music sheets from Baekhyun's hands and placing it on a table.


'You're useless to me if you're sick, so go and rest your voice.' He said turning instrumental music on the stereo for Luhan, Jongdae and Kyungsoo to keep singing too.

Baekhyun stared at the otgers and then to hus Sunbaenim, completely at a loss for words; he looked like a lost puppy.

How could he be ill? He never got sick... it had been years at least.

His voice - he had to keep training his voice, he'd only been at SM for less than a year, these boys had at least two years, he needed to catch up fast and... being sick meant no training which would mean... no debut.

He began to sweat profusely and let out a sneeze.


'Go home now.' His vocal teacher ordered sending him out the door.

So Baekhyun left the building; shoulders slumped, and into the van that was meant to take all 4 of them home.
You hummed along to the music playing in your headphones while vacuuming. You felt quite content as you had finished up most of your chores while the boys were off training, meaning you could spend some quality time alone with your thoughts.

Just as you were about to change the song; you heard the front door open and close.

'What-oh, Baekhyun-shi what are you doing here? Did you all finish trainibg early?' You asked confused - surely the managers wouldn't be nice enough to let the boys off early.

You realised pretty quickly Baekhyun looked depressed.

'Baekhyun-shi what's wrong?' You asked pulling your headphones out.

'Ahhh... I got sent back from training... because I'm getting - ACHOOO!' He sneezed into his palms and then rubbed his nose in an attempt to hold off another sneeze.

'Oh dear.' You mumblrd, knowing exactly the jist of the situation.

'Aish it's nothing really - it's probably just allergies and-'

You grabbed Baekhyun's hand and pulled him onto the couch.

'Y/N-shi what are-'

'Stay here and relax, I'll be back in 15 minutes. Here.' You rushed over to the dyer and grabbed a clean, fresh, warm blanket and tossed it over Baekhyun.

Baekhyun looked so overwhelmed and confused.

'But wh-'

'15 minutes. Watch some TV.' You said tossing him the TV remote, grabbing your jacket and leaving the apartment.
Baekhyun relaxed into the couch, watching a replay of Strong Heart. He tried to laugh, but it hurt to, so he remained silent, grunting every time the MC said a funny remark.

The door opened and shut behind him. He turned around and his mouth dropped open.

'Alright, I think I've got everything here...' You said holding two grocery bags.

'Y/N-shi what-'

'Here.' You emptied a back right next to him.

Every kind of medicine he could think of poured onto the couch - his eyes widened in shock.

'Ok, take these now - I'll get you a drink and you can take some Lemsip... spray this up your nose and Rub this on your chest.' You directed giving Baekhyum packages and boxes.

All he could do was utter a thank you - staring at everything you'd bought him with wide eyes.

'I'm going to run a hot bath after you've done all of that so you can relax and detox. I'll tell the boys not to disturb you, I bought some chicken so I'll make you some soup, and you should also have an early night...'

Baekhyun immediately waved his hands around.

'Y/N-shi thank you but honestly this is so unnecessary, you're busy with other things don't worry about it-'

'No Baekhyun-shi it's fine, this is my job - to take care of you boys, and that I will do.' You concluded, and with that you walked over to the bathroom to run a warm bath.
'Aish I'm so tired~~~ Y/N-shi, are you home? Baekhyun-ah had to come home because he's sick?' Jongdae shouted while all 11 boys entered the dorm.

'SHHHHHHhhh Baekhyun's having a bath - he's got a headache so please be quiet tonight.' You whispered a Jongdae and the rest of the boys.

'Woah, I wish I could get sick so you'd take care of me~' Jongdae said giving a cheeky smile.

'Ah I'll go see him.' Chanyeol said walking over to the bathroom.

'Ok, but don't make him laugh or shout since he wants to conserve his voice.'

Chanyeol looked at you, surprised by how much you cared about Baekhyun's well-being.

'Ok then.' He said quietly.

And with that he opened and closed the bathroom door behinf him, immediately pointing and laughing at a very ill and depressed Baekhyun sitting in a tub of warm water.

You face palmed knowing that was exactly what would happen.

Those yahooss...

' Y/N-shi, you've already started on the dinner?' Kyungsoo said surprised, walking over to the kitchen and putting an apron on.

'Yeah, and also I made chicken soup for Baekhyun so don't touch that - I'm talking to you Tao.' You said walking over to the kitchen; watching Tao eye Baekhyun's soup.

'Ahhhh but I'm so hungry y/n-shi; Wushu training takes so much out of me.' Tao whined still watching the soup.

'Your dinner's nearly done ZiTao, sit down.' You said rolling your eyes and pouring some soup into a bowl for him; you couldn't help but give in so easily when it came to Tao.

'Here - don't blame me if you're too full for your dinner.' You warned, handing Tao some soup.

'Yayyy thank you! Nah I won't be.' Tao said licking his lips and eyeing the soup, he gulped it down in lightning speed.

'You're going to spoil him.' Kyungsoo said rolling his eyes and stirring the dokkbokki mixture in a pot.

'I know.' You sighed shaking your head at Tao who was loving his soup - you couldn't help but giggle.
After Baekhyun's bath, he said his hellos to the boys and then trudged off to bed feeling exhausted and flemmy - coughing and spluttering all the way.

'I don't think you guys should sleep in that room while he's that ill otherwise you'll get sick too.' Kyungsoo said after dinner, taking the plates back into the kitchen.

'Yeah I agree with Kyungsoo.' You nidded sipping in some water and picking up a tray with Baekhyun's soup on it.

Jongdae and Sehun looked at each other - Jongdae gave a sigh.

'Well I guess we can share beds with you guys for tonight - but like I said; I don't mind getting sick if y/n-shi takes care of me~' Jongdae cooed grinning. Kyungsoo rolled his eyes and so did Jongin; Kevin just laughed while Sehun looked really unimpressed by Jongdae's words, judging him up and down.

'Don't you dare, it's hard enough taking care of one boy let alone two.' You said walking to Baekhyun's room with a tray of soup.
'Baekhyun-shi, here's some soup.' You said knocking on the door gently and opening iy slowly.

Baekhyun sat up - coughibg and spluttering in his bed.

'Thank you so much y/n-shi.' Baekhyun whispered trying hard to conserve his voice.

'No problem, here.' You said handing him the tray slowly.

'Oh almost forgot, I'll be back once your done - just have to help Kyungsoo clean up the kitchen.' You said darting out of the room.

'Ok.' Baekhyun coughed beginning to spoon the soup into his mouth.
'The soup was so good! Thanks again.' Baekhyun exclaimed while you entered his bedroom.

'No problem, here.' You said handing a hot water bottle to Baekhyun. He thanked you - giving a weak grin before resting it over his chest and taking a deep breath in.

You dabbed Baekhyun's sweaty forehead softly, pressing a warm towel over his head.

'Y/N-shi y-you don't have to do this...' Baekhyun stuttered staring at yoy with wide eyes while your palm pressed against his cheeks and throat to wipe off the sweat; his heartbeat seemed to hitch in his chest.

'Baekhyun-ah, it's fine, this is my job.' You said smiling at him; determinedly dabbing the sweat off of Baekhyun's face.

'Besides... my mum would do everything she could, nursing me back to health... and since your mum can't be here with you, it's my job.' You shrugged your shoulders and continued dabbing Baekhyun's forehead tenderly, making sure you mopped off the sweat on the sides of his face

Baekhyun was certain he was blushing - no one had ever taken so much care of him before... no one other than his mother...


'Ok you're more or less dried up - keep that bottle close to you and here's some water if you get thirsty.' You directed standing up.

Baekhyun immediately missed the feel of your skin against his - his skin tingked where you'd touched it.

'Ok... thank you.' He chocked out, watching you leave.

'No problem, goodnight.' You bowed lightly towards Baekhyun before leaving the room.

'Goodnight.' Baekhyun nodded in reply. The door closed behind you - unconsciousness overpowered him and Baekhyun drifted off into sleep...

You drowsily opened your eyes upon hearing a loud noise.

'Blurgh.' You heard the noise again - it sounded distressing; but you couldn't quiet make out what it was.

What time was it? It must have been 3am or something since it was still dark outside.

You woke up a little more - realising via it becoming clear; that the noise was the sound of someone wretching.

'Baekhyun.' You muttered rushing to put your slippers on to get to Baekhyun as fast as possible.

You opened the door almost stumbling in.

'Bleurgh.' Baekhyun's whole body wretched once more over his bedside.

You realised he was throwing up, but thankfully he had enough sense to fling his head over the side of the bed, rather than choke on his own vomit.

You immediately rushed to the kitchen and back, bringing a bucket and placing it under Baekhyun.

You helped hold his head up and brush the hair away from his sweaty forehead while he was throwing up. His body trembled while you held him up.

'Y/N-shi... I... I-'

'Shhhh, don't talk; It's fine, let it all out.' You muttered rubbing Baekhyun's back - you could feel his shirt was soaked through from sweat

'I'll bring you a dry shirt.' You said once the vomiting had subdued and you handed Baekhyun a towel - wiping up the rest of the sick from the floor.

The boy looked absolutely exhausted; deep purple bags were present under his eyes, and yet he still could not hold back his gratitude.

'Y/N-shi, thank you once again, please go to bed. I'll be ok.' Baekhyun muttered once he'd changed into a clean shirt and you'd re-entered the rokm, sitting down next to his bed.

'I'm mot going anywhere. I'm staying right here.' You said finally, keeping your spot next to him and watching his confused and surprised reaction.

'I'm afraid you'll choke in your sleep - so I'll stay here.' You said trying to explain your answer.

'But it's fine I-'

'Nonsense, I'll stay here for a bit until I'm sure you won't vomit again.' Yoy cut in, determined not to leave his side.

Baekhyun stared at you wided eyed - he wasn't sure whether he was blushing due to his temperature... or something else.

'Baekhyun-shi, it's fine. Go to sleep.' You smiled encouragingly.

'But... can... can we talk for a little bit until I fall asleep?' Baekhyun asked innocently, lying underneath the covers once more.

'Sure.' You replied smiling softly.

'So... what did you cook for the boys?' Baekhyun asked starting the conversation.

'Kyungsoo suggested we cook Ramen with scrambled eggs - it turned out really well actually.' You said, a finger resting under your chin while you leaned on the side of Baekhyun's bed.

'That sound really good.' Baekhyun repkied sounding enthusiastic.

'Oh Baekhyun-shi, I was wondering, I know this is random but... how were you scouted?'

'I auditioned and got in, I've been training for 11 months so I'm quite far behind on vocal and dance training.' Baekhyun muttered quietly, heaving a small sigh.

'Nonsense, oh my god you pick it up so well I would not have guessed you've been training for just a year!' You exclaimed clapping yout hands together and then apologising, realising the other boys were sleeping next door.

'Aish I don't...' Baekhyun said blushing.

'But thank you.'

'Oh also, have you got any sibilings?' You continued.

'An older brother, you?' Baekhyun asked feeling sleepy already.

'An older sister.' You replied watching Baekhyun yawn.

'Y/N-shi....' Baekhyun whispered so only you could hear.

'Yeah.' You whispered back, watching him fight to keep his eyes open.

'Thank you...'

'No problem Baekhyun-shi.' You said happily watching Baekhyun drift off into sleep.
Baekhyun opened his eyes slowly, coughing a bit while he sat up.

His table lamp was still on.

He leaned over to switch it off, but froze - feeling a weight resting against his leg.

His eyes widened.

And there you were, sleeping peacefully at Baekhyun's bedside - you still hasn't left the roim, concern over Baekhyun kept you at your post while you drifted off into sleep.

Baekhyun let out a soft breath while watching you.

Your skin was a different color to his, your eyes were a different shape, your hair a different texture and color, and your body was of a different stature...

You were so different and yet...

Here you were, in the same room, taking care of him like your life depended on it - he gazed at you; breath taken by your kindness.

Before he could stop himself or think about what he was about to do.

Baekhyun reached out - his slender fingers tucked a loose strand of hair behind your ear.

He let them linger against your warm cheek before pulling away.

You stirred a little in your sleep, letting out a sweet moan.

Baekhyun waited until you were deep in slumber before speaking softly, 'How can a foreigner like you, who I've only known for a few months... change my life so much?'

His lips broke out into a smile, he even let out a little chuckle.

'There, I said it.' Baekhyun whispered unable to stop smiling at you.

And with that, he took off an extra blanket you had placed on top of him, and slung it around your shoulders to keep you warm.

He turned the night-light off and fell asleep once more.
Baekhyun woke up stretching his limbs.

He froze.

He stretched his limbs again.


He realised.

The soreness was gone!

He tickled his throat.

He didn't cough!



Ok, so he wasn't completely over the illness, but he was more or less there.

'Baekhyun-shi...' You were tightly wrapped around the blanket Baekhyun gave you, your nose was running and your eyes puffy and you let out a cough.

'I.... I think I'm sick.' You coughed, feeling awful.

'Aigoo.' Baekhyun apologised knowing full well you'd caught the flu from him.

'It's ok, I'll just go and-'

'Oh no you don't.' Baekhyun cut in getting out of bed.

'Baekhyun-shi what are you-'

Baekhyun lead you over to the couch in the main room - you guessed the dorms were silent because the boys were busy training while Baekhyun stayed here resting up.

'Sit here.' He ordered watching you sit down on the couch.

'Why Baekhyun-'

'I'm still not 100%, but it's my turn to take care of you.' Baekhyun stated stretching his arms before getting to business.

'Baekhyun-shi you don't have to.' You coughed, feeling your fave begin to redden. You pressed your hands against your cheeks to cool them down.

'Call me Baekhyun-ah~ And anyways, yes I do, your mum isn't here either - so I'll take care of you in her place.' Baekhyun said giving you his toothy smile and handing you the TV remote. Your face flushed at his words - your mouth formed an 'O' in shock, but you quickly closed it again feeling embarrassed, looking everywhere but at Baekhyun.

No matter how hard you pressed your hands against your face, you knew your cheeks were as red as a tomato.

Baekhyun flung a blanket around you, tucking you in before dumping all the medicines you had given him right next to you.

You felt thankful while you dumped sachet after sachet into your mouth.

He sat next to you on the cough - handing you over a hot mug of ginger tea.

'Drink, careful it's hot.' Baekhyun said taking a few sips out of hus.

'Thank you Baekhyun...-ah' You said pursing your lips together after trying out the new name for him - it somehow made you blush saying it.

'No problem Y/N-ah.' Baekhyun replied smiling, he showed his teeth and his rectangular smile - you couldn't help but start to smile with him.

'Aish.' You muttered nudging his arm and giggling.

End of chapter!

Awww you and Baekhyun are so cute!

I really think Baekhyun would be this sweet if you were ever ill and if he was ever ill~

So now you're even better friends woooo! Hope you enjoy calling him Baekhyun-ah from now on :3



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