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The last part which has all my videos. Most of them are short because I was saving space for my favorite songs (White Love and Hero).

The intro, I mistook that they were coming out hehe. This is where it became real.

Not sure why it came out like this, since I filmed it exactly as the others. Although was overjoyed when this song came out!!!! This is Hero.

I cried so much when this came out but, I sung it with so much pride!!! This is my favorite song and it makes me feel so loved. White Love, is just the best.

Just a great moment from their talks. It was so cute and I forgot to get Hyungwon!!

Wonho being the cheesy person he is. Man he was stirring Monbebe's heart like nothing. Shownu was and is adorable.

Kihyun was cheeky and didn't even do this. At least Changkyun tried something.

OI. I wasn't going to record this but, it was such an amazing stage that I did. Although I regret not getting Fighter.

From Zero. I didn't get the other group songs, not sure why? But the only thing that surprised me was Wonho shirtless. Since I didn't see any fancams because I wanted to be surprised. I saw the legendary chest that Monbebe's speak of!!!!

Shine Forever. Yeah short again, I should've got the rest but again was saving.

Broken Heart. I'm like a super sucker for ballads, they are my joy! So obviously I had to get all the ballads (didn't get Last Page because I was enjoying and distracted by Kihyun serenading to me).

Blind. The boys really got into this song and I was forced to jump in the sardine was horrible yet amazing at the same time.

Yes, I did that....I recorded 19 seconds of Wonho. I don't regret anything.

Trespass. Yes, they played this song and yeah I forgot the lyrics half way through, blame the excitement! But it was crazy and dare I say it? Lit as hell.....

Rush. It was cute that everyone did the move, it was truly cute. I'm sure the boys were amazed and touched.

No Exit. Getting so confused with the songs that I recorded, almost wrote Rush for this song hehe.

Ending. Sorry that you can't hear much of the boys. But in this one Shownu looked my way and nodded it was like finally!! He looked my way all the way until the end. (Changkyun didn't but he remembered me after the photo op, so that's a win.)
Yay!! It's done and this concert was great! Now I'm more fired up to get P1 as much as I can!!! All the groups that haven't even come, I'm waiting for you.

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