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Next shoot, I have to work with Daniel. I go to the fitting room and change and the stylist fixes my hair and re-touch my makeup. This theme is less romantic wedding and more sexy affair type. With Daniel, my heart raced and was hard to be serious. Something about his confidence charmed me.
Our chemistry on the set was very good, it make me feel relaxed but also heart-pounding. It was like a best-friend-crush-feeling. The only thing that caused me to be anxious was the girl sending me daggers from her eyes. I still don't know her name or why she's like that with me, but if my experience with Jessica taught me anything was that she's probably interested in Daniel and considers me a threat, I'll have to confirm it after the shoot.
Daniel would say things so casually but cause my heart to trip up, causing some NG's. Things like, "You're prettier than I remember, maybe I should keep an eye on you" or "If only this wasn't a photoshoot", how can someone say that and expect that person to still be calm and professional. After this photoshoot, I better be rewarded for withstanding the assault on my heart from Daniel.


Throughout the photoshoot with Daniel, I was aware of the girl glaring at me but I didn't let that bug me. Daniel seems like the type of guy that is friendly to everyone and certain people will think he's hitting on them; like me. So I don't put much thought into what he says.
After the photoshoot with Daniel, I walk over to my phone. I see that there is 5 text messages and 2 missed calls. I click on the text messages and read them over:
Kris Ma Boo: Hey babe
Kris Ma Boo: Where you going looking so pretty?
Kris Ma Boo: ArE YoU TrYiNG TO mAKe mE jEalOUs?
Kris Ma Boo: Because it's working
Kris Ma Boo: Jinny, You better answer your phone before I do something crazy
I giggle and shoot a quick text telling him I dressed up for a job and to not be jealous because I'm His. I hear someone clear their throat behind me, I let out a squeak and whirl around to see who did it. Daniel and Ricky are right behind me, a few feet behind them is the girl.
Daniel shoots me a wink and strolls by me to sit at a couch on my right side. Ricky smiles and turns around and beckons the girl to come over. "This is Brianna and she is one of our temp models, been here for 6 months, so if you have any questions I'm sure she'll answer them." Ricky says giving me a wide smile, dimples popping.
Ricky walks over to my left side and sits on a chair. I look from him to Brianna and feel like this is a test. Don't know why but my good manners tells me to introduce myself.
"Hi Brianna, it's nice to meet you. My name is Jinny. I don't think I'll be here long to ask you any questions, so no worries. I'll bet you'll be the next top model. You have really pretty eyes." I said, sticking my hand out for a handshake. She crosses her arms to show me that she's not gonna pretend to be nice. With my outstretched hand, I step closer to her and run my hand on her arm and say that her skin is so beautiful. I drop my hand after I felt her try to jerk her arm away from me. I turn around and walk towards the back of the room where my stuff is.
I see Ricky and Daniel grinning at each other. "So, is the photoshoot done now?" wanting it to be. Ricky smiles with a cautious look in his eyes.
"We are on break. After this, is only one more shoot and then we can all go home."
" So what's the theme for the next shoot?" I picked my phone to see if there's any messages, there was none. I look at the time and it is 9:30pm. I didn't see the quick exchange between Daniel and Ricky.
"It's the wedding night theme." says Daniel. I look up at him and see that he's relaxed on the couch. I tilt my head to the side. "What does that mean?"
"What you're thinking right now", says Ricky his dimples showing.
I think of the implications of what one does on their wedding night and I blush. I shake my head no and say, "I'm not going to get naked, no way no how."
"All you have to do is wear a bit of lingerie and relax on the bed. I'll show you some of Brianna's work that way you can see for yourself that it's not that bad. Brianna has more experience with this and more comfortable, so it looks like a real couple." says Ricky.
He beckons me to come over where he is seated and I do. "Here are some."
"You want me to do that!" I blush. Even if Kris was here, I think it would be really hard to do so much skinship. Daniel stands and walks over where I am and puts his hands on my shoulder and turns me around. "We don't want to make you do things that make you feel uncomfortable. While we do this shoot, if you feel uncomfortable just tell us and we'll do something else, would that be to much to ask for?" says Daniel looking at me, his eyes pleading with me.
The way he said it and the option of doing something else if I feel uncomfortable, eases my worries. I nod and Daniel gives me his killer smile, making him look dazzling. No wonder he's a model. "Alrighty then, let's get to work. Jinny, go to the stylist and they'll get you ready. See you in 10." says Daniel and he walks out with Brianna in tow and not before she shoots me another glare.
"Jinny, after the photoshoot we are going out to eat and we'll pay you for tonight's shoot, is that cool for you?" says Ricky standing up and straightening his clothes so they don't wrinkle.
I nod and he smiles over his shoulder while he leaves. I wonder how much I'd get paid for this, maybe 500 dollars. I walk to the stylist and get ready.
The photographer tells me I'll pose by myself and then I'll be partnered up.
He told me to look like I'm waiting for my hubby. Kris comes to mind.
I look over to Daniel and Ricky and I see them grinning. Ricky raises his eyebrows as his eyes lingers over my body. He gives me a thumbs up and I playfully give him a glare. The photographer then motions me to change and get ready to be partnered up. The first few times I kept tensing and blushing that the photographer only took pictures without my face.
After I got more comfortable with skinship and Daniel and Ricky making it fun by teasing me and tickling me. The photographs became more natural and the photographer kept snapping without anymore suggestions.
Once we wrapped up the shoot, it was 12:45 am. I'm wearing my clothes from earlier, thankfully I have a sweater because of the temp drop.
I grab my phone after getting dressed and snap a pic to post on social media and to Kris too. I didn't wash the makeup off because it's too pretty. I see no new messages. I make a reminder to call my mom and Kris tomorrow afternoon. I grab my stuff and head towards the exit. Ricky and Daniel are waiting there. Some of the crew is heading out. "Were you going to ditch us?" says Ricky.
I thought about it but I wanted to get paid so... " No I was not. Plus, I'm hungry. Where's Brianna?" I look around us, feeling a bit cautious that she's not here.
"Daniel took her to the bus stop, it was the last bus if she was gonna go home."
I sigh from relief that I don't have to be wary around her. I can finally relax. They saw me sigh and laugh. I look up to them, confusion etched to my face. "We know why sighed," says Daniel. "Brianna has had a crush on me since the time she laid eyes on me. I've told her I'm not interested but she makes every female model feel uncomfortable. Most of them have physically fought each other, most just ignore her." My eyebrows raised in surprise, thinking that she only hated me and hearing I wasn't the only one, made me feel like I'm not alone.
"We saw how you tried to be nice and not back down after she was being rude. We knew we picked the right girl." says Ricky giving me an eye smile along with his brightest smile.
"Well, my mom always taught me to be nice and treat others how I would like to be treated and if they're rude, Kill them with Kindness." I said remembering my sweet mother.
They both nod and smile with my words. "Alrighty then, let's go." says Ricky.
They both link their arms with mine and walk out the exit. We stroll together, while they tell me their first experience with modeling and all the funny things that happened to them. We went to a hotel strip, where most hotels have restaurants on the first level offering great food and music.
We all grab a seat at a table and order some appetizers. I'm laughing at one of Daniel's stories, when I feel a tap on my shoulder. I look over and I see Ricky handing me something in an envelope. I scrunch my eyebrows together, trying to figure out what's he giving me, when he says its my payment.
"Oh," I realize, "Thank you." I grab it and put it in my purse. He gives me a surprised look and says, "You're not going to count it?" I shake my head no and say that my mother taught me never to count the money in front of people, it seems rude to do so. He nods and looks over Daniel and I see them both give me a smile. I smile back and even wider still when I see the food coming. We chat and get closer to share secrets and I tell them that this has been a great time since my trip from Korea.
I hear the doorbell ringing and I cover my ears because someone is being incessantly annoying making the doorbell ring continuously. I look at the time it's 1pm, I groggily get up and go to the bathroom and brush my teeth and wash my face; thinking of what I need to do today, call my mom and Kris and job search. The person still ringing will have to wait because if I don't do my morning routine, someone's going to get cussed out.
I walk to the door and yell, "I'm coming, I'm coming, Chill on the bell" I grab the door knob, without looking who's outside and I open the door wide open. Someone grabs me by my shirt and pulls me to their chest and hugs me tightly.
At first, I panicked and struggled until I smelled their shirt. I relaxed and my hands find a way in between us. I push a bit to lift my head up and see Kris pouting. My hand reaches to his face and I lay it on the side of his face.
"What's wrong?" I said, worry present in my voice. He leans towards me and whispers, " I missed you." He kisses me gently and embraces me tightly. My mind is focused on his mouth and the sensations he's causing, of his breath and heartbeat, and of his hands rubbing my back and entangling his hands in my hair. I sigh after we separate and lean my forehead on his chest.
My mind is slowly catching up on how in the hell he's here, on my doorstep. Before I can even put that thought into a question. He picks me up and throws me over his shoulder and walks in the front door, closing it with his foot. I squealed when he picked me up and then started laughing, smacking his bum. He lowers me on the couch and pounces on me. He rests his head in between my breasts and gets comfortable while he says, "I'm tired, let me sleep for a little bit and then we'll talk." I nod and then I remember he can't see, so I give him a sound that sounds like ok. "hmm." I caress his head, until I hear slow and even breath ripple through my shirt. I start to think back on how I got home and recall that we went to the hotel to grab a bite and a drink and how the music was calling me. I stumbled a little when I cross the threshold of the hotel to the dancefloor. Memories rushed past and my heartbeat picked up and I facepalmed my forehead. What in the world was I doing on the dancefloor with Ricky and Daniel. My face blanched when I remember photos being taken. Oh, Shi -**********************************************************************************************************
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