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Swans are symbols of beauty, grace and even music. Hoody always looks so beautiful and her voice is just so sweet she's perfect for a swan. Besides, I'm sure she's got an inner princess to her. (swan lake anyone?)


Toucans have such colorful beaks that draw people in. Their totem/symbolism is a desire to be seen and heard. Sik-k strikes me as the type that enjoys attention but he's no attention whore. Let's just be honest though, if this man walks into a room no way you're going to miss seeing him. His voice is so smooth you'll hang onto every syllable that leaves his mouth.

Cha Cha

Did you know male peacocks have the long beautiful trains so they can attract their mates (It's like when I see a dude with long hair ❀❀ instalove)? For Romans, Peacocks symbolize Vision and Awakening. In Hinduism, Peacocks are connected to Lakshmi who represents patience, kindness and luck. I think those last three fit Cha Cha very well. Well, maybe not luck, I'd probably say he's fortunate. He's definitely a humble dude though.


Penguins symbolize survival and elegance. While they can adjust to any situation, I think we can all agree elegance fits Gray well. He's the type to make a good first impression; although, I see him being kind of quiet at first, his "boy next door image" makes me believe he's too charming to resist. He's got all the fluff of a baby penguin.


Parrots give a sense of self reflection. It's because a parrot will repeat what you say word for word so you can hear the honest truth of how you sound. While it's not always a bad thing to self reflect, Elo has all the attraction of the colorful bird while his voice brings you into a calm state of reflection. Quite often when he sings on stage, I feel there's a truer form of him he exposes to his fans that we take for granted or may not notice until we really pay attention to him.


Hummingbirds symbolize playfulness and joy and with Loco's cuddly little face and his bright smile a hummingbird is the perfect match for him. He enjoys the sweetness of life while bringing happiness to those (hyungs) around him.


Don't they just look alike? Just kidding. Now eagles in general are symbols of power, they're large and in charge (that wasn't a euphemism but take it however you'd like). Because they can fly so high it's believed they have a connection to the divine. Here's the thing, Jay has mentioned God and praying a few times in his raps so I think that's pretty cool. What I've learned about Ph-1, just based off the "connection to the divine" part he'd fit as well but what makes Jay an Eagle is his leadership. He's taking his crew far and I'm sure they look up to him while also wanting to make things easier for him. He's got charisma and he's just a sight to behold. Philippine Eagles are endangered and in the Philippines if you kill one it's punishable by 12 years in prison. Based off how fans jump at defending Jay anytime attacks come against him I'd say he's just as treasured as this rare bird.

Simon f*cking Dominic

As much as I love Jay, I saved the best for last. Ssam D gets the owl for wisdom. This boy is the love of my life (sorry Duckie I still love you though). Now it's not always true but in most cases you get wiser the older you become, you've got more experience and knowledge under your belt. Simon is perfect for an owl, he's had experience as a Korean hip hop rapper before AOMG. He's had new experiences since joining AOMG that has led to his own self growth. Not to mention owls are so f*cking adorable I can't stand it. He can go from grown up and wise to fluffy and adorable in .001 seconds and I love him to pieces because of it.
Who did you like? Who did you hate? Who do you think should be in here and what bird should they be?
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Sik-k with dat LONG beak yasss! lol
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Wow! You did really good matching them up. I totally agree with you about Jay
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awe i love it
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