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I uploaded more of the videos I took from the concert. Only 8 of them uploaded so far. I will make another card when the rest upload. I am also going to upload my friends videos ( @cagonzales96 ) that she took. She gave me permission to upload them on my account for her.

Just a heads up the first video that is going to be on this card, I was screaming alot and my singing is very horrible. So I apologize for that. The first video is the beginning of the concert when Monsta X comes out.


In the video I accidentally paused it when I.M was rapping in the beginning. That's why some of his rap part is cut out. I was sad because I saw that I paused it. But then i got over it after that because i got to see them

Wonho solo stage

Jooheon & Kiyhun solo stage together

This is when my sister freaked out on how fast Jooheon was rapping. She was so shocked. She said that she loves his rapping and how fast he raps

Shownu, I.M & Minhyuk- "24K Magic"

Monsta X talking

If you look closely at Wonho at the end he was being a dork. It was adorable. Wonho and I.M were making us all laugh.

"Be Quiet"

Oh my gosh! This song live is freaking amazing!!!

"Shine Forever"


I love this song. I started freaking out when they started singing the song.

The concert was amazing! If they ever come back I would go back to see them! Stay tuned for Pt. 5
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I started up loading our videos too. We've already decided that if they come back, we'd camp out to get front row tickets.
Why were upset?
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@MelissaGarza Oh no nothing happened