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Hello Melody! It's Melissa with Sweetie Pie Peniel Day! For this week's theme, we are making and sharing our members' mood boards. I had made some Peniel mood boards. I'm also going to share some I've found on internet.
Credited to owners of moodboards.
Now here are the Peniel mood boards I made.

Now these are Peniel mood boards I've found. They are goals, when you make mood boards. I really love them.

Well that's all for this week's Sweetie Pie Peniel Day! I hope you all enjoyed it. Which Peniel mood board you like most?

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I LOVE the blue ones you made most of all! Blue is definitely a GREAT color on him.
Thank You Helixx! I agree with you about blue looks good on him
I love these.
Thank you @sukkyongwanser