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I told @Starbell808 I was going to do Simon's reaction from the card I did Wednesday since he wasn't apart of the card.
Simon wakes up before you do he's not even aware you're sick yet. When you wake up, you're coughing so hard it hurts and you end it with a groan. Simon walks into see what's going on.
"Are you okay babe?" he asks.
You hide your face with the covers and say,
"No I think I caught Jeong-Nam's cold. Can you take him to my mother's for the weekend?"
"Sure Babe I'll get him ready and I'll be back."
Simon goes to his son in the kitchen, he's sitting at the table eating cereal and he pats his head. Jeong-Nam looks up and Simon smiles,
"Alright buddy I need you to finish up quickly and go pack your things you've got to stay at *Bomie's house for the weekend." he tells him.
"Why?" he asks innocently.
"Your Eomma is sick and she doesn't want you catching it again, okay?"
*Bomie is what Jeong-Nam calls his grandma.
After dropping off your ever so innocent son, Simon returns with a bunch of stuff. After he told your mother you were sick, she sent him home with instructions and basically a survival kit for sickness. He walks into the bedroom and tells you to open your mouth.
"Kiseok, cover up you'll get sick too." you say.
"Hush and just do as you're told." he says with a bit of a smirk.
He notes that you have a fever and then presents you with cough drops when you start having a coughing fit. He places tissues on your side table before he leaves.
Simon then returns and tells you to wrap up in your robe.
"Your mother said you have to sweat it out."
Your poor face is rosy and anything you were planning to do has gone down the drain. He comes back in the bedroom a little later and feeds you some spicy chicken soup.
"How's your throat?" he asks.
"Not as itchy but it still hurts. Momma always said spicy food and lemon soothes an aching throat. I've never known her to be wrong."
"Mother knows best. Hey, don't forget to drink your green tea young lady."
"Yes sir." you smile weakly before another coughing fit arises.
Simon leans over to fluff your pillow after you're done eating and sends you to sleep.
You wake up on your own, hours later, to see the rest of the day is gone. It's nearly past 7:30 and you see Simon walking out of the bathroom with a towel on his shoulder.
"Come on, get up." he said.
You shake your head.
"Come on it's a nice hot bath Y/n. Don't be so stubborn. If you don't get up I'll have to carry you and then you'll expose me to your disease."
"It's just a cold pabo! I'm not gonna kill you." you glared at him.
He laughs and says,
"Still if it's all the same to you I'd rather not get sick. Now get your sexy contagious ass out of bed, strip and get in the tub."
You pout but get up out of bed and he leads you into the bathroom. He closes the door behind you and you relax in a nice hot bath. It's as hot as a sauna in the bathroom. Your mother has taught him all he needs to do.
Since you were (mostly) a good little patient, Simon surprises you with some ice cream when you get out of the tub. He's changed the bed sheets and your pillow and he has a action movie playing. You get into bed and he sits at the end by your feet and talks to you a little. Until you've once again fallen asleep.
When the next day comes, guess who got sick.
"I told you to cover yourself up pabo."
"You're one to talk. You caught it from Jeong-Nam because you didn't cover up."
"Learn from my mistakes don't repeat them." You laugh.
So a reaction card as a fluffy one-shot. Simon's special since he got an entire card to himself he gets the extra shit lol.
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gwuah!! I love all your cards
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