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We as armies need to stop the fan wars immediately because if we don't we will lose the best 7 boys we have ever layed eyes on due to the Exo's fandom Exo-L so if you don't know what or whom your sealing with you need to shut up or it will end badly, and thanks to them Our Leader Kim Namjoon is scared for the future and it makes me really mad that he needs to deal with this because one fandom has a problem with what songs they sing or what dances they do or what the back story their songs have it makes me really really MAD!!!!!!!

So if you agree with what i'm saying ARMY then we all need to speak out now either on their blog, Facebook, or Twitter either way we need to do it NOW!!!???
Maybe if people stopped freaking commenting "Hey, where you at fellow armies, then we wouldn't be in this mess"
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Oh yeah it bugs me sooo much
I think fans should come together. It bothers me when other fans comment on mv's saying so and so fans here supporting so and so, like the kpop fandom is a family we shouldn't have to state that period
agreed it pisses me the fuck off i listen to BTS to cope and if i dont have Bts I don't even know what i would do to myself
Eco-L's need to get over themselves
@BTSLUV1 exo-L shouldnt mess with ARMY, period