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How BTS would react to: You Biting Their Ear
„Yah ! What was that ?“, he’d ask embarassed after he moaned audible. His ears are probably one of his secret sensitive spots.

Yoongi would be taken aback by your action. He’d turn around, touching his ears since it surprised him. Before you had the chance to bite his ear again, he was already on your neck leaving bruises.

Hoseok would try to play it cool and pretend as if it didn’t affect him at all, but give in after some time, jumping you and starting your hot makeout session.

Namjoon knew what you were actually up to, but he likes to tease you.
„Use your voice, kitten. What do you really want, hm ?“

To your surprise, Jimin let out a stifled moan, which motivated you to continue and him not complaining about it. This young man has VERY senstive ears, but secretly loves them being touched.

It would turn into an ear-biting fight, resulting in you being unable to stop moaning. Things continue from there on, him taking the lead.

Jungkook He’d give you THAT look, finding it cute how you’re trying to seduce him.
There is a part of me that says true, but a part of me that thinks it'd be slightly different. xD
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i like namjoons
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@Jinnyrod3 Trust me Ik. xD
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