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Hello Topp Klass! For the next 6 weeks the Topp Dogg Unoffical Mod Support and I will be bring you a theme incorporated with our Saturday night game. Each week each mod support will be posting their cards with hints of lyrics from a Topp Dogg song that we have chosen. Each week will be a different song. Will have the community guess on Saturday, for game night each week, what song did we chose that week.
This will be a fun way to play game night! I remember when I was younger and on rainy days, we would play name that tune or other fun games. It was really exciting! So I hope that you will you join us and play along! I look forward to the cards and the guesses! Have a great week! Until next time stay Klassy!
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ooh that sounds fun😄
It will be a lot of fun!
Its going to be so much fun
Yes it will be.