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Kim Jongdae was never jealous of anything Minseok did or decided. Even back when his Mini was seeing someone but then, they weren't as close then as they are now. He tried to reason with himself that he was only feeling this way because he didn't want to lose his friend and he didn't want him to go through that b/s he went through before when his first love left him.

He had watched Xiumin sink into depression. He watched him often wander off by himself and when he found him, he was crying. It made Chen mad, he doesn't want to see him go through that again. He hopes this woman doesn't put him through that because he would have to hate her too.

But that wasn't it. This was different. He felt hurt and jealous. He'd been there for Xiumin for all these years and now he was going to give his heart to someone else.

Chen watched Baekhyun coming down the stairs from the second floor with that smirk across his face. He had told him not to go up there but Baekhyun did anyways.

β€œWhat's with the smile?” Chen asked.

β€œYou have nothing to worry about. That woman…” Baekhyun laughed.

β€œThat woman, what?” Chen asked seriously, β€œReally, what's so funny?”

Baekhyun gazed at him for a moment, debating and looked back over his shoulder. He shouldn't say anything. Xiumin would beat him for saying anything and he didn't want Chen upset with him either. He figured the truth would come out eventually. That woman, if she's honest, will tell the truth.

β€œIt's nothing. I've seen her before is all. I didn't think she was the type.” He finally said.

Chen looked at him confused, β€œWhat do you mean by that?”

Baekhyun giggled, β€œShe got a taste of an idol and I guess she's addicted to it now. I guess she's got her sights on Minseok hyung. I hope he knows what he's getting into.”

Chen thought about what he said, he thought about the last two times he had been around her, β€œShe didn't seem the type.”

β€œLet's go, Jongdae-ssi, we don't need to be here.”

Lightning flashed across the sky, the rain wasn't coming down hard but it was enough. Chen watched out the window for the bright flashes. Baekhyun teased, telling him to calm down the thunder. They were headed back to the dorm when Chanyeol called Baekhyun. After a second, they started arguing over the phone. Chen watched from the passenger seat.

β€œAish!” Baekhyun kept saying over and over, β€œWe was already there. We didn't follow them, they showed up after we'd been there for almost an hour!” He yelled.

Chen felt the car swerve. Just when he looked forward, Baekhyun jerked the wheel.

β€œHyunnie, get off the phone. Tell him you'll talk to him later.” Chen said tightening his seatbelt.

The car swerved again, Baekhyun jerked the wheel too hard and they went too far into the right lane. Cars honked at them. Chen reached over and took the phone away.

β€œYeolie! Don't be calling when he's driving!” And hung up the phone. He turned to Baekhyun, β€œIf you can't drive and speak on the phone at the same time, then don't do it! There's a law against that, you know.β€œ

β€œI'm sorry hyung, but if I didn't answer the phone then he would have kept calling. β€œ Baekhyun slammed his palm into the steering wheel, honking his horn in frustration.

Chen looked at him pitifully, β€œAre you two fighting again? I noticed you guys haven't been speaking to one another.”

β€œHe's still mad about the last show.” Baekhyun said.

β€œWhat happened?”

Baekhyun grumbled, β€œHe caught me messing around with someone. He wanted to know why I did it after we all agreed not to anymore. When I seen Sehun chasing after noona, I thought all bets were off.”

β€œAnd…” Chen waited to hear more.

Baekhyun glanced at him, β€œAren't you being a little nosey?”

β€œI'm just trying to help. I don't like seeing anyone fighting. Especially us. We all live together, eat together. I like to think we're all more than just friends, we're family…. Aaaand some of us are closer to each other.” After he said this, Chen looked down at his hands, looking at the ring on his thumb. He remembered when Xiumin gave it to him. He had actually slipped it onto his ring finger, saying he belonged to him forever.

Baekhyun nodded, β€œYou're right. He has every right to be mad but that was weeks ago.”

β€œSo why is he getting mad then?” Chen asked.

β€œUmmm… Minseok hyung texted him and told him I was there with you and that I was bothering him on his date with that Nari woman.” Baekhyun chuckled, β€œGod! I can't believe he's that jealous.”

β€œJealous? Why would he be jealous?” Chen gave him a hard curious look, his little eyebrows lifting and scrunching together at the same time.

Baekhyun glanced at him, shook his head, β€œYou're being so nosey hyung!”

Chen just laughed. He looked ahead thinking about how he was being towards Xiumin. Chen suddenly gasped and grabbed Baekhyun's arm as a pair of headlights came straight at them.

Baekhyun screamed turning the wheel to avoid the car but he felt it hit on his side, he held the steering wheel tight, trying to hold it straight.

Chen closed his eyes as the car skidded from side to side. He felt gravity take over as the car spun out of control on the wet pavement. He pressed his arm against the door, he felt like he was in a carnival ride spinning faster and faster. Then he felt Baekhyun's hand grab his arm, pulling at him hard, holding onto it tightly.

Behind his closed eyes, he seen Xiumin standing alone, smiling at him, β€œMinseok”

The world flipped as the sound of metal crunched and twisted around them. And then nothing.

NOoooooo..... Seriously?!?!?! You had to stop it there???