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I strongly recommend this drama!
It started off a bit rough but oh my lord by the end of it I loved it!
It has became one of my favorites!

It's amazing because actor Yang Se Jong plays three of the characters and each character is completely different from one another, so it just shows how amazing of an actor he is.

Title: Duel
Status: This drama has finished airing.
Episodes: 16
Genre: Sci-Fi, Suspense, Thriller
MyDramaList's Synoposis:
"Jang Deuk Cheon is the chief of a crime squad. At home, he is a kind and friendly father to his daughter. He meets a human clone and gets involved in a shocking case. A battle takes place between human clones."
My Synopsis:
Jang Deuk Cheon is a police officer looking after his ill daughter. After his daughter goes missing he gets involved with a set of clones. Which one kidnapped his daughter? Is one of them real? Who is the original? Is there more? Why were they created? Will Deuk Cheon save his ill daughter and solve the mystery to how the clones came to be?


Jang Deuk Cheon
Played By Jung Jae Young
Lee Sung Joon
Played By Yang Se Jong
Lee Sung Hoon
Played By Yang Se Jong
Lee Yong Seob
Played By Yang Se Jong
Ryu Mi Rae
Played By Seo Eun Soo
Choi Jo Hye
Played By Kim Jung Eun

- Is anyone watching Duel right now? Or has anyone watched it? If not do you think you'll check it out? -