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My Tears Won’t stop
You Were my first Love
The reason why the break up was clumsy
was because you were my first love.
It hurts more than you think it is.
I'm not the only one hurting.
Inside I am Aswell.
I Loved you and treasured you a lot
They’re shameless words, but
I Now Regret Those Words.
I'm Still looking at Your first Confession Song For Me.
"love is not over"
I Feel Guilt inside me.
My Heart Just Aches on Listening To Your Words.
And I Guess That's Pain.
How Can You Handle This,'Kookie'
I Regret. I REGRET.
The Memories Won't Stop Showing.
Its Like A Flash In Just A Blink Of An Eye.
You Were My Everything.
My Innocent Love.
i’m alright even if i fall.
it doesn’t show, even though I’m suffering silently.
Stop Those Useless Tears.
Stop Hurting.
Your Killing me Inside.
And Now Here I Am.
Doing Your Last Favour.
"Feeling Pain".
Your Hurting Yourself.
And So Am I.
But At least Do My 'last' Favour in Return. . .

"Stop Hurting Yourself.I Deserve The Pain"