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Hihi! I bring you the next chapter. I don't have a lot to say on it because I just finished at a sweets buffet restaurant and my stomach doesn't like me right now, lol. It's gonna be a long night (my time) since I won't be able to sleep for a while. But anyhow, I hope you enjoy the chapter.
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Disclaimer: The events are purely fictional. While BTS is real, I don't know them personally so this is just for fun. the original picture does not belong to me, but the editing does.

Warning: May contain mild language, mentions of blood and violence. Some suggestive content.
Beginning: Chapter 1
Previous: Chapter 16
Over the next few weeks, Sam and Namjoon continued their happy living accommodations. Eating together, sleeping together (in both senses of the phrase), waking up together, getting ready for bed and for work together, they were both pretty sure they could be happy to do that for the rest of their lives. They couldn’t always do those things together because of conflicts in their schedules, but they were happy for the times they could. Namjoon took her out for a couple dates on her days off. At work, Sam continued looking into the gang files, but she was getting nowhere fast. There were almost no loose ends. Rarely was there a case of the people being attacked surviving the attacks. But she didn’t let that dissuade her from digging for connections.
In her personal life, though, Namjoon noticed how distracted she would become sometimes. He would watch her absentmindedly rub at her neck, even just after Namjoon had recently fed on her. She was still obviously craving Namjoon, but he could tell that Yoongi was in her head as well. Sam had her blood drawn at the hospital and was okay with Yoongi being there with them. Yoongi’s cravings followed a slightly faster track than that of Namjoon’s, just as Namjoon suspected it might. Yoongi’s bond with Sam, aside from the cravings, seemed to settle into something more manageable. He included himself when everyone would eat together and there were no noticeable problems.
Or, at least, not noticeable by anyone but Namjoon. He would watch Sam sometimes appear to be lost in thought whenever Yoongi would talk. He noticed her try to ignore it, but her attention would always wander. After those dinners, Sam would shy away from Namjoon, like she was ashamed, even though he kept telling her that it was a natural occurrence. After the third time of her cutting herself while cooking because she was distracted, Namjoon finally told her that they had to talk about it.
“I’ll be fine,” Sam insisted, trying to get back to the cutting board.
“Sam, please. Let’s talk.” Her hand came up to her mouth in her usual telltale sign of nervousness. Namjoon held her hand before she could start biting on the knuckle. “Please, babe.”
Her eyes darted to the cutting board one more time before looking back at him, not meeting his eyes. He took them both to the couch and they sat down. Namjoon held her hands gently but firmly.
“There’s nothing to really talk about. We both know what’s going on and we both know what I want to do about it.”
“You’ve seen hyung. He’s a lot calmer, that side of him hasn’t acted up even once. Of course, he can’t help his frustration because of his bond and me being with you, but he’s doing okay. You’re not and it’ll only get worse. The longer you hold it off, the longer it’ll take and the stronger it’ll get. If you’re this distracted at home, how distracted are you at work?”
Sam chewed on her lip, still avoiding eye contact.
“Babe. Look at me.” She still didn’t. She liked it better when they could pretend that nothing was going wrong. She hated it when, after Namjoon and she made slow, passionate love or crazy, erotic love, after he drank from her, after they’d both satisfied that desire, she still craved Yoongi. Most of the time, she was too busy to think about it. But when everything was quiet, she found her thoughts wandering to Yoongi. And she hated herself for it. “Feisty.”
Her eyes darted up.
“See? You’re already distracted. What if… what if he just drank from your wrist? It’s a bit more painful when you get bitten because it’s mostly bone and tendon around there, but it would work. You could get help with that feeling and still not have him touch you the way I do. Wouldn’t that be okay? I hate seeing you like this because I know you’re tearing yourself up about it. I’m the last to say I want this to happen at all, but it has to.”
Sam looked down and Namjoon tilted her chin up slowly. “I’m scared.”
“Of what?”
“Of liking it. I’m scared of wanting it.”
His hand caressed the side of her face and she leaned into it. “Wanting that and wanting him are two different things. All three of us know how we feel. I know you love me just as I know I love you. This is just… a treatment of sorts. He saved your life and you both need each other for this. After it settles, he’ll need the treatment, but you won’t feel that craving anymore. It’s only for a short time. You know I wouldn’t suggest it if I thought there was a better way. This is the best way.”
“I’m also scared of what it’ll do to him… He knows we’re in love and you’re his friend. The two of you are like brothers. He has to feel guilty about it like I do. What if it makes it worse for him?”
Namjoon let out a sad smile. She was worried about Yoongi, worried as a friend. She’d considered Yoongi as a friend since the beginning. And now she wasn’t just worried about him because she was his friend, she was worried because he was Namjoon’s friend. All of it had to be hard on her. On the both of them. “Hyung will be okay. He knows that I know what’s going on. I trust him and I trust you. This is a necessity, nothing more. This is the best thing.”
Sam was quiet for moment. “Do you really think so? Are you really okay with it?”
Namjoon placed a kiss on her forehead, Sam’s eyes fluttering close as he did. “I think so. And if it makes you better, I’m okay with it.”
“Namjoon…” His lips captured hers. Her arms wrapped around his neck and pulled her to him. They both fell slowly back, lips never parting. “Here,” she said quietly, her legs moving to place Namjoon between them. Dinner was momentarily forgotten. Slow, but with strength, quiet, but conveying what words could not, the two physically reassured each other of their passionate love for the other.
Sometime later, they slipped their clothes back on and went back into the kitchen, practically attached at the hip. Now, Sam was only distracted by the sweet kisses Namjoon would place along her neck or by his hands gliding up and down her sides. They ate a late dinner together and Sam started going through the files in the living room afterward while Namjoon worked on his computer. He typed out a message to Yoongi and his thumb hovered over the send button.
No man would like the idea of needing to let another man physically interact with his love in one of the most intimate ways possible, let alone a vampire letting his bondmate have her blood drunk by another bondmate of hers. But it was necessary. It was the only way to stop Sam’s suffering. It was true what he had said—it would only get worse. As much as he knew about Yoongi’s feelings for Sam, he trusted his friend, his brother. He pressed send.
As soon as Yoongi received the message, he froze. Namjoon had explained about the basic issue for Sam and told him that he wanted Yoongi to drink from her, not have her blood drawn. It would be on the wrist, but still. Yoongi didn’t trust himself. He’d been doing well, the blood had settled the bonding issues and Yoongi was able to be around her without worrying about acting up or worrying about where his thoughts went. But if he were to actually touch her, feel her…
After leaving his past behind, the only humans he’d drunk from had been the other two people he’d bonded with over the years and Sam. He didn’t drink for fun the way most others outside of their group did. Yoongi was always afraid of falling into his old habits, habits he’d been raised on after his parents passed. But the fact that she and Namjoon were in love would have to be enough for his self-control. Only take what he needed, when he needed. That’s the mantra he decided on.
Yoongi: Are you sure about this?
Namjoon: Sam needs it. I trust you. And anyway, I told you to do it in the first place. I wouldn’t change what I said because if I did, I would be saying I’d rather have her dead. I trusted you then and I trust you now. Yoongi sighed and ran his fingers through his hair.
Y: Ok. Because you trust me. And if you trust me, I have to trust me. You’re my brother.
N: I trust you and so does Sam. Yoongi wondered if that was the wisest decision.
Y: Thank you for that. It means more to me than anything else. Tell me when you want to do it if you decide.
N: Sooner is better for Sam. She’s not been doing so great.
Y: How soon?
N: Tomorrow? After she gets off of work? You should eat with us.
Y: I’m not sure if that’d be a good idea. That might end up with an awkward dinner.
N: It’d be more awkward if you were just there for that. Friends can eat together. Even during something like this. Yoongi felt a pang in his chest at reading the word ‘friend’. But Namjoon was right. They all needed to be comfortable together. He needed to make sure that the procedure would work. And once the bond had been taken care of, he could be happy with just being friends. If it weren’t for the damned bond, it wouldn’t have moved past that after finding out Sam liked Namjoon. He would’ve been able to stop.
Y: You’re right. As usual. Stupid genius. Namjoon laughed when he read the text.
N: I’ll tell you tomorrow the time she’ll get off of work.
Y: Ok. And Namjoon… thank you. For being cool about all of this. I’m glad she fell for you. Namjoon just stared at the screen. There was nothing he could respond back with. But then again, there probably wasn’t anything else that needed to be said. He locked the screen and set his phone down.
He looked over his laptop screen to watch Sam. She was staring intently at a pile of papers, chewing on the cap of the pen she had in her hand. It was a habit he was only able to see because she had moved in. He smiled as he thought about how much he’d learned about her and how much more he still had to learn.
“What’re you smiling about?” Sam asked suspiciously, having just noticed him looking.
“Just about you. I’m happy to have all the time I can with you.”
Sam mirrored his smile. “Me too.”
While they got ready for bed, Namjoon told Sam about what he’d talked about with Yoongi. She wasn’t as nervous as before. If she just ignored the fact that they were bonded, she could easily delegate it to a simple necessity taken care of between friends. It wouldn’t be the first time she’d let a vampire drink from her out of necessity, though it had been a long time and it would be the first time that it wasn’t just a necessity for the vampire. They climbed into bed and Sam fell asleep with Namjoon curled up behind her.
Wednesday was mostly uneventful at work. She did have one small incident, but it had worked out. Her time was split between her route and going through the cases. She looked forward to having the next day off, though it would be followed by a double-shift on Friday. The weekend, though, would be hers and Namjoon’s. She messaged Namjoon that she would be home on time and he messaged back with a kissy face. She got to the apartment and got to say what had become one of her favorite phrases again, ‘I’m home’. Namjoon was waiting with a glass of wine in each hand. Sam took one and they settled on the couch to talk about their days.
They talked about whether they wanted take-out or something homemade. Sam decided to prepare something since Yoongi would be coming over. They worked together in the kitchen. Namjoon had slowly gotten better when it came to food and cooking ever since Sam had moved in. He could even cook a couple easy dishes on his own without setting the kitchen on fire. When they were almost finished, Namjoon messaged Yoongi to come down.
Namjoon excused himself to open the door when Yoongi rang. Yoongi had trouble looking at Namjoon when he came in, but Namjoon tried his best to make Yoongi feel like nothing had changed. Even Sam, when Yoongi came to the kitchen, smiled as if nothing was wrong. It wasn’t completely genuine, because of the obvious issue, but her efforts were sincere. Dinner was finished being prepared and Namjoon asked which they should do first. Sam and Yoongi looked at each other.
“Maybe after,” Sam suggested. “Then I won’t have to use my hand after.”
Yoongi nodded. “That’d probably be better so you can heal easier. I don’t know which would be more awkward though, knowing what we have to do after or eating after it’s been done.”
“True,” said Sam, chuckling slightly. “Let’s… let’s just try to keep it like it’s been before with the others.”
Yoongi gave them a wane smile. “Let’s try that.”
They all sat down and began to dish up. Dinner was, understandably awkward at first. But when Namjoon dropped his glass, spilling wine everywhere, the three burst out laughing, breaking the awkward tension. Sam still felt the craving, which had intensified at Yoongi’s arrival, but she was able to set that aside and enjoy the dinner. Sam and Yoongi talked liked friends that hadn’t seen each other for a long time. Namjoon felt relief that they were able to be close like that. Dinner ended too quickly. Namjoon cleaned up while the two continued to talk. When he sat back down, the conversation trickled off.
“Should we just get it done?” Sam asked, just a little bit nervous.
Yoongi’s eyes darted away then back to Namjoon. “Are you sure you’re okay with this?”
Namjoon nodded. “I think it’s better for both of you. It’ll make the cycle move more quickly. And… I think after the first time, it’ll be less awkward.”
“I can’t not. I’m sorry, Yoongi. I’m not making anything easier for you.”
Yoongi gave her a reassuring smile and patted her hand. “I’ll be fine. After it’s all over, I’ll be fine. For now, we’re just friends doing favors for each other, okay? We don’t have to think of it as anything more than that. A necessary evil.”
Sam moved her chair to the corner next Yoongi while Namjoon grabbed bundle of paper towels and hand towels. He laid out the paper towels in front of Yoongi.
“It’s probably best if I don’t watch,” Namjoon said as he stood between them. “I don’t want to accidentally snap or anything. Obviously, I’m okay, but the bonded part of me may not be. Hyung, knock on my door when it’s finished.”
“Namjoon,” Sam said suddenly.
“I love you.”
Namjoon smiled sweetly. “I love you too, feisty.” And with that, Namjoon went to the bedroom and lay on the bed, headphones in.
The two in the kitchen looked at each other anxiously.
“I’m sorry,” Sam said quietly.
“Me too,” Yoongi replied. “But… friends, right?” Yoongi held out his right hand, upright.
“Friends,” Sam answered placing her left hand in his, upright as well.
Yoongi brought her wrist up to his face, stopping just in front of his lips. “It’s going to hurt a bit,” he warned her.
“I know.” His fangs descended. “I’m sorry.” Not more than me, he thought.
His fangs brushed against the inside of her wrist. He watched her body shiver once, goosebumps breaking out on her arms, her eyes almost fluttering close. He bit down and she gasped, unable to stop the automatic response of her arm jerking away slightly. His bite gave her both pain and relief, almost pleasure. Uncontrolled, she sighed sensually as the feeling. After piercing deep through her skin, his fangs retracted and he began to drink in the blood that flowed out. Sam let out a quiet moan and the uncomfortable itching in her neck began to fade away, replaced by an unwelcome, but pleasant tingling in her arm.
“Yoongi…” Sam never realized she’d spoken. Every sound she made, every reaction of her body caused a reaction in Yoongi’s. He drowned it out and instead focused on the wonderfully refreshing taste of her blood he sucked into his mouth. Just a little more and that would be the usual amount for a light feeding.
Sam hated herself for the pleasurable feeling she was enjoying. It was a purely physical reaction though. With Namjoon, what they shared was on so many other levels. That was the solace she took from it. Yoongi’s tongue ran over the bite before he detached his mouth from her arm, immediately wrapping a towel around it. Sam’s eyes slowly opened.
Yoongi POV
I wanted to kiss her. So badly, I wanted to kiss her. But I knew that reflexive desire would fade as soon as the taste of her blood did, and would fade forever once everything had settled and I got the procedure. Sam pressed the towel against her wrist for another couple seconds before taking it off. It had already stopped bleeding. The smile she gave me was the first pure and genuine smile I’d seen her give me in a long time. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and hugged me. I was surprised, but hugged her back.
“Thank you,” she said quietly. “It wasn’t as awkward as I was afraid it would be.” She pulled back. “We’ll be okay. We can do this.”
I was both happy and regretful. Her smile made my heart skip a beat, which I really wished it wouldn’t. I wanted to be able to see her as just a friend. And that was the reason I was grateful. Sam could now see it like that. She wouldn’t be afraid, she wouldn’t feel guilty, which meant I had less of a reason to feel guilty towards Namjoon.
I smiled. “We can do this,” I agreed. We can do this. We have to.
“Can you let Namjoon know it’s finished? I’ll clean up the paper towels. You made a little mess,” she laughed as she pushed me playfully. She was different than she was only minutes before, when the craving had been affecting her. This was who she really was.
“Alright,” I ruffled her hair. “I’ll send your boyfriend in.” Now that I had better control over my emotions, I found myself moving Sam over closer to the ‘friend’ part of my heart. Small steps. I went to Namjoon’s door—no—Namjoon and Sam’s door, all of us were told that they were living together almost since the day it happened. I knocked and the door was opened two seconds later.
“Did it go okay?” Namjoon asked immediately.
I nodded. “It went fine.”
“Are you okay?” His concern made me feel better. He didn’t sound jealous, just worried.
“Yeah. Actually, I’m really okay. It was… just between friends.” That was a partial lie. I didn’t miss the tension leaving Namjoon’s shoulders.
He smiled. “I know. I trust you guys.” It probably wasn’t a lie. Or, at least, not completely. Any sane man would harbor at least a little doubt, if not for his bondmate, then for the other one she was bonded to. Namjoon stepped out and we walked back to the kitchen.
I watched as Namjoon left my side to hug Sam from behind. The pang of jealousy wasn’t as strong as usual. That wasn’t a normal reaction. Sam was my bondmate and I had drunk her blood, Namjoon had done the same. Just as Namjoon was protective of Sam, I was. Or rather, I should have been right now. Drinking from her blood should have made my emotions and our tie stronger, but it didn’t. There was still something, but it wasn’t as strong. It was… fading? Was I actually getting over my feelings, getting over the bond? If I was, that was great news. It’d been only a moment since my thoughts had been different. I’d have to talk to Jin about it.
“I’ll let you guys enjoy the rest of your night,” I finally said, causing the two to turn. Namjoon held onto Sam only loosely. “Thanks for dinner. It was really enjoyable.” And that wasn’t a lie at all.
They walked me to the door and both hugged me as I left. There was still that pang of jealousy as the door closed, Sam on the other side with Namjoon, but it was bearable.
I had been worried over nothing. The cravings had been messing with me, not my heart. Even as he drank from me, I’d hated myself for the pleasure I’d felt, the longing I had. But as soon as he stopped, the intensity of it had faded. It was now more like a disconnected memory, part of me, but not. There, but distant. Yoongi felt like a friend, nothing more. We were helping each other, nothing more. It was the craving, nothing more. It would come back, and soon, but now I knew. The door closed, Yoongi was gone.
I wrapped my arms around the man I loved and surprised him with a passionate kiss. We parted and I went back again, hating not feeling his lips on mine.
“Wait,” he said, pained. “I think you’re just on a serotonin high.”
“I’m on a happiness high,” I refuted, and pulled him in for another kiss.
“I don’t want to take advantage of you like this,” he said breathily. “I may be your boyfriend, but it wouldn’t be right to do that. It’s like taking advantage if you were drunk.”
“I’m not drunk,” I told him. “I’m happy. I’m free. I knew it was the craving that made me question myself, but now I know it.” I bit his bottom lip and pulled it lightly. “Let me remind myself how much I love you.”
I slammed him into the wall, surprising the hell out of him, and kissed him again. This time, he offered no resistance. He grabbed my thighs and I jumped, wrapping them around him. He slammed me into the adjoining wall, reconnecting our lips. Our mouths never parted as he carried me back to the bedroom. We were too frantic to worry about any mess we might make. I spent the night reminding him, and myself, how much I loved him.
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