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Hello Royal Family! So this week them is one shot! This will be tricky, but here I go!
You just come from the studio after watching Boys Republic perform there rehearsel for their performance tomorrow night. As you are walking home from the studio, you wonder, how could they be here. How could the PD do this to me knowing that the relationship between me and the group.

Let me give you some insight about these guys, it was the summer of 2015, and I was working at a camera woman and they were performing in the park. It was such a big event that all the news crew were there and of course I was just starting my career as a camera woman, so of course this was going to be my big break. As I was filming, I realized how amazing they were. The leader OneJunn caught my eye and I was intreguied by him. I gues my co-worker noticed so he talked to their manager and I was introduced to the guys. I hit if off will all of them and well one thing lead to another. Next thing I know I was dating OneJunn and we had a great relationship going, until my job decided to transfer me overseas and OneJunn was not hapy, because that meant I would be gone months at a time and we would not be able to see eachother. He did not like the idea of me being far away and not being able to even visit or communicate. I was being sent to the war zone. He stated that if I took the job we were through. I could not believe what he was to me, so to make a long story short we broke up. We have not seen or talked to eachother until now. It has been 2 years and now, I was face to face with him again. I was heart broken back then and now the old feeling are arising. I will not let my feeling get in the way, I can be profressional, at least that is what my mind says.

The next morning at the studio.......
I walk in with coffee in hand and I notice the boys are there rehearsing, but I am professional, I will go to my camera and will be okay. The PD comes up to me.."You are late. You need to get the camera and start recording. Please make sure you do focals and close ups on all members and especailly the leader." I nod my head and go pick up my camera. And the music starts and I record. As I am taping, and doing my close ups, I can feel my heart flutter as I zoom in on OneJunn. He made eye contact and I turn away. The PD shouts, "What are you doing!!! You messed up the shot!!"

" I am sorry," I shout! Focus I tell my self, this is your lively hood here and you need to focus, dont let your heart rule you. We start filming again. I do my job and film them. As I focus on him again, my heart starts to flutter again. The eye contact again, but this time I dont move, I just watch and keep going.

The filming is done for today, the show will air tomorrow. I just need to hand in there until tomorrow and then he will be gone. I put my camera away and am walking to the door tot leave the studio. I feel someone grab my arm. I turn around and it is him. My flutters again and I feel my legs go like jelly. I am faceto face with him.

"How have you been?" he asks with a soft voice. "I see you made it back in one piece. I am happy you are safe."

"I have been doing well, since I have been back. No need to be concerned, about me."

" Please can we talk, you have been on my mind. I was glad when I heard we would be performing here, I heard you worked here and I was happy to see you again."

"I am sorry, but I need to get home, and get ready to film tomorrow.".....in the background a co-worker shouts, "do you want to go get drinks with us, before you go home. Oh sorry if your busy!"

"No I am not busy, I will join you guys!" I turn to OneJunn, "I have to go, they are waiting for me." I take his hand off my arm, I thought my heart would stop. I run to catch up with the others.

We get to the bar and sit down and order food and drinks, but all I can think about is what OneJunn said to me, how I have been on him mind. All of a sudden I hear a familar voice, I look up and the guys are asking to join us at the table. I am like what are they doing here. I finish my drink and tell the table I am leaving. I will see them in the morning. Suwoong comes up to me and ask for me to stay and have a few rounds with them, it has been awhile since we were all together he says. I sit down and have another drink with them, I could not resit his smile. I sit there and I cannot help but to get glimpses of him at the other end of the table. Minsu comes up to me and ask how I have been. I have been fine I answer.

Minsu replies, "he has missed you since you have been gone. He said it was a mistake to have let you go and break up with you. We all missed you and we all missed the fun times together. We should hang out like we use to, even if you two are not dating."

I just smiled at him and picked up my drink. I was thinking to myself, that it hurt to much to be around him. I thought I was over him but I wasn't. I finished my drink and excused myself from the table and told everyone goodbye and see then tomorrow. I started heading towards the door. I guess I did not realize how much I drank, I was stumbling to the door. I heard Sungjun recommend OneJunn to walk me home. I shouted no I can make it and headed to the door.

As I walked outside, I felt the breeze hit my face and I took a deep breathe in of fresh air. I lost my balance and could feel myself fall, but someone grabbed me. I looked up and it was OneJunn. I quickly regained my composer. I am okay I tell him. You can go back in, I got it from here. I start walking home. I turned and he was still following me. I turned around and shouted," I am fine, you can go back to the bar with the others!"
He quickly caught up to me and grabbed me. He pulled me in his arm. In a soft voice he said,"I should have never let you go. I missed you. We all missed you." I could feel the tears fall down my face, as I was in his arms.
I hope you enjoyed. Until next time stay Royal!
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