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Hello Jwalkers! It's Melissa with this week's AOMG/H1GHR member introduction. This week's Member is Jarv Dee from H1GHR and Moor Gang. Let's get to know him better...

Jarv Dee
Jarv Dee
Seattle, Washington, USA
BandHip HopSoul

You can't miss Jarv Dee in a lineup—he's a bulldog, the tatted-up, gold-slugged young general of Seattle's MOOR GANG crew, which he co-chairs along with the rising drug-rap slugger Nacho Picasso. Jarv's own unique sound is somewhere between the high-pitched hype of Meek Mill and classic catfish & grits Pimp C blues. Jarv's distinctive voice, effortless hooks, and electric stage show have made him a room-packing favorite in Seattle's high-performing best-kept-secret rap scene.

Whether with his Gang or as part of the slapping space-funk art-rap collective Kingdom Crumbs, Jarv is a standout that demands attention. Currently creeping on a solo comeup via his next release and a string of crisp visuals, Jarv Dee is set to make a splash nationally. Catch him performing live on the west coast this summer, and look out for MOOR BIBLE: Book of Jarv, his next solo album—already!
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This Seattle-based rapper has actively been in the scene since 2012, starting off by posting songs on his Soundcloud.
Credited source thekhoployalist. WordPress. Com

Record Label: H1GHR
Albums: The Red Eye Jedi, Satelities Swishers & Spaceships, Dopamine
Genres: Old school hip hop, Hip-hop/rap

Here are some videos to help get to know Jarv Dee better. Also some music videos to hear his sound.
Jarv Dee Status fat Nachos Picasso
High Expectations - Jarv Dee

You can follow him on
Twitter - @jarvdee JARVDEE DA DOPAMINE
Instagram- JARV DEE @jarvdee
Facebook- Iamjarvdee and Moor Gang Community page.
Besides listening to his music on YouTube, I heart radio, Pandora, you can listen on Spotify and Sound cloud.

Moor Gang

Well that's basically who Jarv Dee is. I hope you got to know him a little better now. Til next time!

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