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Literally obsessed with the story and these two beautiful characters!!! And I'm only to episode 18
Read the manga, it's WAY better
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@JessSenpai you'll love it! And there's definitely more emotion in it.
Its a very good show... I got my ex girlfriend and my mother addicted to it. I personally loved it and connected to a few characters
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Wow @DorianBeil that's impressive how your mom watches anime because usually moms aren't into that sort of thing!πŸ˜„
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Thank you!
This anime is awesome. I followed it weekly during its airing and it has a beautiful soul and few to it. Reminds me of a Naruto feel, you'll understand why!! I won't spoil anything 😁
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Haha which I haven't read soul eater yet but I've been told it was def different. Though I know I'll like both manga's since I like (love) all manga as well as all anime haha. Some manga I like reading after the anime when they are different or even have more depth n such too them. While others like Planetes I enjoyed the manga a ton, one of my tops!! Though the anime was good they were a good 1-2/10 rating apart. Guess I'll have to get my Shonen account back and start doing some online reading of these manga. I take the warning with full responsibility for my heart and tears 😁😒romance time! Itadakimasu haha