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I finally uploaded the rest of the videos I took. I also uploaded 3 videos that my friend ( @cagonzales96 ) took. She gave me permission and said I could upload them for her.



Minhyuk's Aegyo

I.M singing "Beautiful Girls"

This is when I.M has slayed my whole existence. He is my bias from Monsta X and when he sang that song I died. You can tell that I died by my "Oh my goooooodddd"

Encore Stage

Hearing Monbebes yell "Monsta X" sent chills through out my whole body. I'm so glad I got to see them.

The last 3 videos are the ones my friend @cagonzales96 took.

Encore Stage

"5:14 Last Page"

Monsta X saying goodbye *cries*

That's the end of this card. I wish I could just turn back time so I can see them again. I miss them. The concert was awesome!!!
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K-Monsta Squad:

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So amazing! I know I've said this before but got to say it again. so lucky!!