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While it can be "unfair" to compare the two series in a few aspects as of yet but this joke does make an honest and sound argument as stated by JovaniLopez and evidenced in the show and manga the world is a safe place on the surface much unlike the world in Naruto which makes the joke funny because the comparison is true and even though the boruto anime is less than a year old the movie and manga series aren't so there is plenty of room to compare the two also if you actually take the time to think about it boruto and crew can be compared to children because of how pampered they are unlike Naruto and their parents who did not have the technology they do Naruto might not have known how to walk on water or up a tree but that didn't stop him from taking on several high level missions without decent chakra control Naruto never gave up and honed his abilities so he could help out his teammates during the chunin exam what did boruto do? he cheated using the advanced technology available to him and only continued on the right path after his father (which Naruto never had in his life) stopped him and talked to him so sure it's never fun to compare two good series and rip on one but unfair hardly besides when has calling attention to the truth through a small harmless joke told and acknowledged by millions ever unfair
its unfair to compare a legacy that ran for more than a decade to its decendent that is litetaly less than a year old. Right now the boruto series is establishing its charecters so that the readers and viwers can get an attachment to the new charecters and story. Plus is it that hard to imagine the world is now safer, espesialy in the city that majority of the naruto series heros live in. literaly the current 2 most powerful people on that planet live there.
Also if you've noticed they are already doing advances ninjutsu in the academy in Boruto that Naruto didn't even know till he started training under Kakashi. (for example walking up trees and walls)