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Wassup guys!!!! Kim here with the 3rd introduction of our AOMG/H1GHER MUSIC Sunday. I hope you're ready for our next intro. The last two cards were AOMG. Now it's time to show some love to H1GHER MUSIC!!!!!! I wonder who it's on today!!!!!
It's no other than this baby right here, G.Soul!!!!! How bout we learn more about him, shall we????
Ooohh he fine for no reason!!!!!!!!! Jesus take the wheel!!!!!!! You too cute in the face!!!!!! YYYAAASSSS!!!!! I CAN LOOK AT HIM!!!!!!!
Kim Ji-hyun (born on June 16, 1988), commonly known as G.Soul, is a Korean RnB singer signed under H1GHR MUSIC as of June 2017. This is not his first debut. He was origionally signed with JYP Music.

He has a couple of EP's ( Coming Home , 1/19/15 and Dirty , 9/10/15) an album ( Love Me Again , 6/29/15), and multipul singles.

His most recent video is defently a banger so I'm excited to hear more from him!!!!
I guess we can now TOUCH HIS FACE!!!!!!
I hope you all enjoy!!! I wonder who's next on the intro???? See ya'll in the next card!!!!!
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I love g soul he's amazing I am so happy that he's with jay park now
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@QueenPandaBunny oh yes definitely lol
I know who my man crush is for tomorrow ; )
@MelissaGarza ohhh girl