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Samuel is finally an Official Idol.

Oh yes! No more trainee stuff for him, Sammy finally released the teaser for his debut MV.
I Can't even!
Please tell me i am not dreaming!!!
I mean, for someone like me that has been waiting literally since 2011 for this to happen (i honestly wanted him to debut with SEVENTEEN, but ok.) It is a really big deal.

My little boy is growing up...
samee I wished he debuted with SVT!! but it's okay now he's all grown up!!! I'm so excited for him
Legit watched the teaser on Twitter and cried. I'm sooo heckin happy. I always wondered what happened to him after Seventeen Tv and I was sad he didn't debut and then he was on Produce 101 and I was like yay my child and he's going to debut and be an idol like Seventeen and I'm so happy! I hope he gets to be on stage with many other idols and with Seventeen and "Do you speak New York" can be reunited I'm ahshdjhsd
He did debut for a while as punch in one punch but then he became a trainee again because it didn't work out well. IM just super happy that so many people are supporting him!!
Its j ⓤ St a teaser until HE DEBUTS AUGUST 2ND IM SO EXCITED
i started screaming curse words out of excitement lmao
Dude me too😂😂😂
When I saw him at the time with seventeen he was originally my bias but I'm sooooo happy for him now. I have been waiting for so long for him to debut.
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