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Hello Royal Family! It's Melissa with Sunwoo Sunday! For this week's theme, we are doing one shots of our member or group. I'll be writing a one shot for Sunwoo. I got inspired by our Truth or Dare game. What would you do if you saw your BR bias walking down the street in your town? But I put a different twist to it. What would you do if you saw your BR bias in your favorite store shopping? This would be my reaction if I saw Sunwoo in my favorite store. I know it's unrealistic, but bear with me. It could happen some day to some one else. Who knows.
Chance Enounter
One day I was at my favorite store on my favorite day of the week, Wednesday, with my brother. We go shopping at Target every Wednesday after work. It's the highlight of my work week. Well on this particular day, it was different. As soon as we walk in, we separate in different directions. I push my cart down the aisles, while I was mentally shopping on what we need to buy. I suddenly remember my brother and nephew needs body wash and shampoo. I go towards the men products aisle. I look over the shelves to find the brand they use. A voice comes from behind me,
'Excuse us, ma'am, but can you give us a hand.'
I turned around found two young men standing behind me. I immediately recognized one of them. It's Sunwoo from Boys Republic! What is Sunwoo doing in Target? I almost fainted from the shock.
'Can you show us where this products are?'
He shows me a list of body wash, toothpaste, shaving cream and razors. I told him shyly that they were in the right aisle. I help them pick out the best products to buy. After they finished gathering everything on their list, they politely thank me. Before they turned to leave, I stopped them. I say to Sunwoo,
' I'm a big Boys Republic fan. I'm a proud Royal Family. You are my absolute favorite!'
I was so nervous by the time I finished speaking. I could barely look him in his eyes. I was freaking out inside me. He was nice about it. He thank me for supporting them. He asked if I had anything that he can sign. Luckily I had a photo card of him in my wallet. I take it out and hand it to him. He gave me an autograph and asked to take a picture with me. I'm like of course! We take turns taking pictures with our phones. He thanks me again and turn around with their shopping cart. As they walk away, I'm in state of shock. My brother finds me like that.
'What's wrong with you'
I just meet the man of my dreams.
Who? he asks while looking around.
Sunwoo from Boys Republic! I said with a big smile.
'Who is that?'
I give him an exasperated look.
'Nevermind! We need to hurried up and finish shopping. I got to get home asap! I got to tell my friends about this chance encounter with my dream man.
I hope you like my one shot of Sunwoo. Be on the look out for the other members one shot this week. I know my one shot is pretty far fetched but it's fun to imagine what would happen. Don't you think so?
@sukkyongwanser Thank you!
This is good!
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@MelissaGarza I did!!!! I wished you went more indept though