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Butterfly - Chapter 5

A bright light creeped from a window to my right. I looked around confused, but mostly scared. "Where am I" I asked myself as I struggle to get up from the bed wondering how I ended up there.

My body felt sore  like I've been hit by a car.

"What the hell happened" I thought to myself Looking at my arms and legs. Searching for something that wasn't there. No scratches, cuts or bruises.

I was pacing around the foreign room for a while. Trying to recollect bits and pieces of the day before. Until I noticed a few drops of water hit the window.

Not long after the rain poured down. Completely covering the sun, and turning the sky greyish blue. The aggressive pitter patter shook me. Everything coming to me all at once. The fight, the fall, the accident.

"THE ACCIDENT...A CAR ACCIDENT!!!" I screamed running towards the door. But before I even got close, a voice stopped me in my tracks.   

"Wow take it easy, don't force your body too much" I heard a voice  say. It was getting closer making me all nervous. Quickly searching the room to find my phone.

There was nothing. "It probably broke during the accident"

I jumped on the other side of the bed. Instead opted to grab the first thing near me for protection.

Hiding the apple from view. "Don't get any closer, I got a weapon with me" my voice cracking giving away my tough facade and the apple wasn't much help either...

" I don't want to hurt you I'm only here to help" he said getting closer, enough for me to get a glimpse at the owner of such a deep silky voice.

A tall brown haired guy was standing on the other side of the bed. He stared at me with those soft brown eyes, flashing a goofy smile.

"Are you going to kill me with that apple" he said letting out a small chuckle.

"I can try" I said letting out a laugh in defeat.

"My name is Taehyung, But you can call me Tae" he added with a warm welcoming smile on his face as he extended his arm to greet me.

"Not bad, but I can't trust a stranger like you" I said with an apple in had, prepared to shot at any given moment.

"I'll explain everything, don't kill me. I'm too young to die" he said putting his hands up mockingly in defeat.

Looking at him amused in confusion I placed the apple on the bed,  slowly coming out of my "hiding" spot.

I sat down at the edge of the bed with crossed arms. I waited for him to explain himself and how he found me.
Taehyung POV

She is quite the character. I try to help her and she repays me by threatening me in my own home. With an apple...

Eventually giving up the fight, she took a seat at the edge of the bed. I could tell she was still a little reluctant from how stiff her body looked as she sat down.

"Where do I start" taking a seat next to her with enough distance apart.

"I was on my way to visit a friend of mine. I couldn't see much since it was still dark out. A body was laying there at the side of the road lifeless. I was afraid you were dead and I got out of my car to make sure you were alright. Although I couldn't see a single mark on you I had to take you to the nearest hospital. But I didn't have enough gas to reach the hospital. I decided to take you home and treat you with the limited amount of medical skills I've obtained. When i got home I placed you here  in my guest room. There were no visible marks on you, no signs of struggle. Nothing completely.."

She stopped me right there.

"That's impossible, I was in a car accident. A serious life or death experience how could that be!?! Jimin was also with me where is he ??"

She frantically ran in and out of rooms opening and closing every door she could get her hands on, looking for this so called Jimin.

Jimin... that name was all she could say the entire way.

" Calm down girlie. Who is this Jimin you speak of ?." I asked trying to calm her down before she wrecked my entire place up.

"This can't be possible, I-I remember what happened. I can feel the pain from the Collision" she said completely dodging my question as she kept rambling on about this "accident" that never happened.

Oh...okay well  I told you there was no one else. There sure was no accident either,  Did you hit your head or something? I asked, trying to rationalize with her.

"No shit Sherlock, obviously I did hit my head. That's not the point thought. C-Can I borrow your cell phone, I need to make a call"  she said ruffling the side of her head.

"Sure...but what is a cellphone" confused at the odd request.  

"Yea your phone" she replied

"Ahh you should've said so" signaling her to follow me into the kitchen.

"There" I said pointing at the phone while I got both of us a glass of water.

Surprised to see her standing there staring at the phone on the wall. "What's wrong" I asked

"What is this? She said all confused

I laughed. "It's a phone" stating the obvious.

"From what year..H-How do you use this thing. Seriously stop playing I need to call home" she insisted inspecting the phone left and right as if she's never seen one.

She must've hit herself hard.

"She dialed once, twice, three times..."  Giving up after trying to dial two other phone numbers.

"Maybe they're not home"  I said placing the glasses of water on the table.

No other words to possibly comfort her at that moment. I grabbed her and  held her into my arms trying to stop the Sobbing which was of no use.

"Tae, is this some sort of joke. My calls won't go through," distressed covering her puffy eyes.

"Let me try, what's the number "  grabbing the phone to dial along as she spoke. Immediately sending me to that pre recorded message.

The number you dialed has been changed, disconnected, or is no longer in service

"That's all It keeps repeating, all those times I called....your phone must be outdated I can't get a single call through" she said falling to the cold floor

"My name is Y/N by the way, sorry for not introducing myself earlier" extending her arm to me.

I squatted down to her level, our eyes met  as I said "Hey Y/N just to let you know that's a brand new phone"

"What??...how is that possible?? It's 2017 for goodness sake they don't make these anymore. Everyone uses iPhones or Galaxy " she sprung up making me fall on my ass.

Going on about these devices you can touch, carry everywhere, and text anyone. Sounds to me like Y/N has been watching one too many movies.

"Y/N how hard did you hit your head? .

..it's only 1986

Whoa....confusing, but more?
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