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This is just my opinion :) I personally am not a big fan of drama versions of MVs lol^^

Here are some performance MVs that I prefer over the originals!

Infinite - Back

Basically every Infinite performance MV actually :) They tend to do drama versions which is fine cause they always go well with the drama of their music, but for me what I love about Infinite is their choreo so I want to see that more than anything else!

Seventeen - Highlight

This technically didn't get a 'normal' MV but my god I love this sub unit so much. Performance team is probably my fav though its so hard to choose!

VIXX - Eternity

Again, one thing I LOVE about VIXX is their choreo and that's what I want to see :) I also prefer watching the members interact with each other rather than actors lol so yeah - especially for Eternity I really love the choreo version!

Gfriend - Rough

These girls dance SO HARD. It's easy to watch their MVs and just think of them as another pretty girl group but their performance MVs really put into perspective just how difficult their dances are!

Monsta X - Hero

Do I even need to explain this? This is the video that got me into Monsta X.

BTS - Boy in Luv

Something about the drama version of this MV makes me cringe hahahahha I really prefer this performance version cause I can't handle high school gangster BTS.

What's your favorite performance MV?

NCT Limitless bc idk what SM was doing with the actual mv πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„
I really liked seventeen's don't wanna cry performance mv I feel it had more feeling than the original mv
Queen by History. I like the feel of it.
bts love😘😍😍😍
Growl by EXO
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