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Episode 14 Tan has arrived just outside the broadcast room. Through the door window, he can see YD, and he realizes that ES is in there too. He tries to get it, but YD locks the door. Tan kicks the door furiously, yelling at YD to open the door before he kills him. Inside, ES asks YD to open the door. YD replies, “When I said I would torture all those around you, it included Kim Tan. And me.” Tan kicks the door open and telling ES to get out, punches YD. Tan picks up a chair but ES grabs Tan’s waist to stop him. YD only looks at ES. Tan drops the chair and pushes ES outside. Tan grabs YD’s collar. Tan tells YD to keep away from ES. YD replies that he can only keep away if Tan gives up ES. Tan asks if YD will keep going on with this YD replies he has to since he gave up his last meal with his mom to beat Tan. Every time he looks at Tan, he is reminded of his foolishness. Tan tells YD to grow up, why hasn’t YD changed at all. YD tells him to stop acting like a grown up. Tan is going to end begging his dad again and making ES get on her knees- what’s the point of him going against his dad. Tan points out that YD hasn’t even bothered fighting. “You stay there, YD, I am no longer there.” Outside R approaches ES. To her she asks if the fight is because of her. Tan comes out and takes ES away. R goes into see YD. R asks why YD did this. YD replies it is to see someone for a just a brief moment. Outside, ES asks why YD and Tan fight like this all time. Tan says it is the love triangle and also that YD is resenting himself. Between R and YD. YD is telling her the same thing. He asks then why R is reacting that way then, since Tan hasn’t done anything wrong to her. Tan never gave her hope. ES and Tan cute scene outside. BN and CY. BN is calling HS I think. She sees CY. She calls out to him, but CY ignores her. BN pretends to fall. CY still walks away but he is smiling at her cuteness. YS asks ES to help her get the script for the drama audition tomorrow from MS’s studio since she can’t go there anymore. YS also apologizes to ES. ES smiles and say she will call YS. ES has come to MS’s studio to get the script. YD is there. YD is just about to leave when ES calls him back and offers him a bandaid. He doesn’t take it and leaves. ES is packing the script. BN has come to get the script herself to but seeing that ES has it just tells her to give to YS since YS really needs it for the audition. YD is waiting outside and he asks ES for the bandaid. She gives it to him. He leaves. ES is talking to CY on the phone about BN that they should make up. CY calls BN cute. ES’s mom is making a list for the next person to be hired. KA is upset that ES’s mom is doing this so fast. Other maid comes to say that Rachel has come. ES comes in to kitchen so KA tells ES to go into room. R can’t find out that ES is here too or it’s really over for Tan. KA comes out to greet R. R greets KA, calling her mother. R acts nice, offering KA flowers and saying she is glad to meet her. ES in her own room. R and KA talk. R says her mom was more upset since KA pretended to be ES’s mom. Why did she do that? R says she is upset that it seems Tan likes ES. KA says Tan and ES are only friends. R is leaving and she sees girl’s uniform hanging in laundry. She checks pocket and sees ES’s name tag. R calls KA or JS??? And asks why ES is living in Tan’s house. ES comes out of her room. Her uniform is gone. At school, ES asks R where her uniform is. R says she threw it out. ES has come out to the trashcans to search for her uniform. She finds it and is upset since her mom bought it. R comes out and asks if Es’s heart hurts. This is what she felt like seeing ES’s uniform at Tan’s house. R says she couldn’t sleep last night thinking that ES lied, is only a maid’s daughter and Tan likes someone like her. ES asks what can she do so R feels better. R tells ES to clean up the trash- she should have learned something from her mom. ES slaps R. she yells at her for insulting mom. R tells ES to leave the school. R threatens to let out not only ES’s secret but Tan’s secret. YD won’t do it since he never planned to in the beginning. ES says she will think about transferring. Tan arrives on the scenes. ES asks from when Tan started listening. Tan tells her to go. ES leaves. R and Tan argue. R says she went to Tan’s house to see her mom. Tan replies, “the mom you looked down up before?” Tan doesn’t want to be friends with R anymore either. Tan leaves. Tan goes to ES on the roof. Tan is angry that ES said she would consider transferring. ES says she didn’t want to burden Tan. Tan says this isn’t her fault. ES says this isn’t his fault either. Tan asks ES if they should run away to the US. E points out that both she and Tan would be abandoning their mothers. Tan and YD are getting scolded again for the broadcast incident and door. She tells them they will get punished. JS tells YD to bring dad. Tan tries to stop this, but JS instructs Tan to bring Won. HJ is also talking to YD and Tan. They both say it’s the other’s fault so she tells them to write what they think they each did wrong. YD and Tan sit, not writing anything. They each think about what the other person did wrong to them. Flashback. YD’s mom is asking Tan where YD is. Tan says YD is not talking to him these days. Tan notices YD’s mom’s bag. Mom says she doesn’t have time, can he please bring YD? Older Tan and YD are thinking to themselves what they each did wrong. Tan- I should have kept on trying to bring you to your mom. YD- I should have followed you.They still don’t write anything down on the paper though BN yells at ES- hasn’t she told CY yet that BN feels sorry? BN is saying how she is sorry, can’t breathe with CY. HS puts on the mic so it is all broadcast throughout the school. BN is embarrassed, runs into CY. BN runs away and CY chases after her. HS finally sees that HJ is here in school. HS asks ES to leave. HS asks HJ what happened. HJ says she is teacher here. HS say she is not glad to see her since his first love is even farther now. MS and YD- MS teases YD about ES being his first love, if Tan isn’t his first love. Ha! YD should just give up since Tan and ES won’t break up. YD is annoyed. MS asks what YD will do if YD and ES fall into the water. YD says he will save ES so she can’t go to Tan out of guilt. MS points out that YD always picks the sad ending. What is he going to do about his dad? Tan walks ES to his house. ES asks what Tan plans to do. Tan replies the first thing is planning to go to school together with ES. (I didn’t catch a lot of this scene). Tan is sitting in the lobby of Zeus. Won sees him and doesn’t pass by. He actually talks to him and asks why he is here. Tan says he is here to think. Won sits down next to him. They don’t talk until Tan points out the both are them are funny, leaving a house they have and staying at a hotel. Tan asks why Won dislikes him so much Won says he has no reason to like him. BN is giving out invitation to her make-up party with CY. She hands one to YD. Also to YS. YS and BN are busy apologizing to each other. Tan takes an invitation too. Tan goes to broadcast room to talk to HS. He is concerned about HS- he’s going to take the college admissions test well, right? Day of exam, HS has arrived to take test. His mom wishes him luck. Doesn’t see him go all the way into the building. Tan is in Won’s room alone. He sees the list of stockholders and makes a connection to what Won said before on the phone with Yoon. He calls Yoon but Yoon says he will call back later. At Jeguk, Yoon sees notice of personnel change. Yoon goes to Won. To Won, “You’ve started the battle.” Won to Yoon, “You decide whether you are going to be on that list or not.” Brother in law has called Chairman Kim. He is mad about the personnel change. Tan arrives at restaurant. KA has used ES to call Tan. Tan wouldn’t answer her calls. Tan says he didn’t want to hear mom cry. Tan just asks for his clothes. KA tells Tan that R came to the house and thinks R knows something about Tan and ES’s relationship. What are they planning to do. Tan replies they plan to be happy. He takes ES out of there. Outside, Tan asks if ES is upset. ES says she just finds is fascinating. Tan says he wants to hold hands. ES offers her hand but Tan hugs her shoulders. They walk. Tan scolds ES for becoming mom’s hostage. ES says KA was hers since she is the one that missed Tan so much. ES is about to leave so Tan backhugs her. He ends up correctly hugging her. ES says there is money and Tan breaks the embrace, happy to find the 50 dollars. Yoon calls and Tan leaves. Tan finds out his birthday present situation. Also that Dad has stopped it out of anger for now, but it is going to end up happening. Tan says regardless of what he wants, he is put into the fighting ring. Yoon says it is because Tan was born the second son of Jeguk. Tan says he knows why he is put in the ring, so that he doesn’t dream about something else. R and BN in same hair salon. R is trying to get out of BN where ES works. She also asks where BN’s party is. BN doesn’t want R to come. R texts YD saying she is in front of ES’s part time job. YD rides over to café and R tails him. R and YD meet outside. R tells YD to worry. Also, how can one person have changed so much because of ES? BN’s party. BN and CY cuteness. R arrives. R says she ordered coffee for this party. YD sits outside ES’s café. ES arrives at job. YD tells her that R found out ES works here because of him. He is sorry. ES puts on a brave face. YD wants ES to call him if there is trouble. ES says “you know I have a lot of black knights protecting me.” YD remembers that he said that line to her. He says to ES, “I think it was then I started liking you. Even if you have a lot of knights, call me.” ES gets delivery order. On instinct she calls CY and confirms that the deliver is to CY’s party. ES texts Tan, asking if he is there at the party. He texts he is going. ES says she is going too- don’t be surprised when he sees her. He texts why. No answer so he calls. No answer. Tan gets up and leaves. He runs into YD but just walks past him in a rush. ES comes into party, saying she is catering service. R has a smug look on her face but ES acts normally, saying she is working her part time job, congrats to CY and BN. CY figures out this is R’s plan. ES says she came knowing. MS asks why ES is working part time job. ES is about to say her secret but Tan comes in. Tan wants her to leave with him. ES says she is working. R says she ordered the drinks. Tan asks when ES is finished. ES says when she is done pouring all the drinks so Tan turns over the table. He takes ES outside. ES saying she will be back with new drinks. BN gets mad at R. MS calls YD. Outside ES and Tan fight. Tan is angry because he doesn’t want ES to get hurt. ES says she finds it more difficult to keep this lie. ES says she wants to do what Tan did- reveal the secret to become free. Tan doesn’t want ES to do the same thing since she will get hurt. ES says she learned from him- knowing she will get hurt but continuing forward. She leaves, saying she will be back. R comes out and says to Tan it would have been better for Tan if ES was at least new money. Tan tells R to not talk to him. Tan waits outside for ES to come back. She has, with new drinks. Tan apologizes for making it hard for her by making her a new money. If she can’t do it anymore, give it up and lets go in. ES is announcing to everyone at the party that she is not new money. She is a charity case. YD comes in. Tan stops CY from interfering. Students get angry at ES. They also think Tan has been fooled by ES. Tan says yes. He walks over to ES. He says, “ I thought it would be okay since she pretended to be strong, but she is shaking.” R leaves. Tan says to MS to turn on music. He also tells the other kids to serve their own drinks. YD watches this with a sad look on his face. Lights go down. ES says she did it! Tan says to ES, “good job charity case, ES. I am an illegitimate, Kim Tan.” YD leaves. “Let’s start the party.” Tan steps close to ES and gently takes off her apron, her hair tie, and puts a corsage on her wrist. He gently kisses ES on her forehead, with all the kids watching too.
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