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It's only been 3 years since Mina's father past away.

Her life took a turn for the worse. Becoming emotionally isolated. Seeking thrills in the form of violent acts. Befriending a dangerous crowd.

Turning her boyfriend, Taehyung back to that dangerous lifestyle he had before ever meeting her.

Yes she was aware of these changes but did so little to fix them.

We all learn to cope one way or another..right?

Her mother thought it was only a matter of time.

"Mina you will be back to your normal, cheerful self and everything will be okay" she insisted.

She might be right...


Mina's Point of View

"It's quiet tonight, no weirdo approached me yet. That's odd there's almost always a couple getting freaky among the trees." Thinking to myself as I walked further into the park.

The fresh air lightly brushed my face. Walking around the park late at night. Always my to go spot when I couldn't sleep.

Nothing unusual here so like every night I would go for a twenty minute walk to a park we had near my apartment.

I would sneak out making sure  mother wouldn't hear me and wake up. She hates when I would do that.

You see after my father's  death she because depressed. She drowned her sorrows down with a bottle of wine. Every now and then she would vow never to touch another drop again.

"Bull shit empty promises" that's all they were at this point. I implied re-living every moment she would make that promise. Just to break it hours later.

I'll have to admit this year has been a bit different from the two before. Breaking the habit of bringing in stranger's into the apartment.

On one occasion one of them almost tried his luck with me. Needless to say I've gained a few skills from the streets. Including weaponry thanks to my boyfriend Taehyung but I rather call him V.

Although he's the sweetest guy you'll ever met. He's got his own dark past he refused to talk about which I do respect it and leave that subject aside, but I'll be lying if I said I wasn't curious as to what it could be.  


"Wow, this time I took longer than usual" looking at the clock in my phone screen.

I guess I was lost in my own thoughts again for so long. Almost appeared to be about ten minutes.

"I better get going" my voice being the only sound I could hear.

It tends to get dangerous around 12:30 at night.

You know what they say "the creeps come out at night". Yea all the kidnappers, druggies, rapist, drug dealers, and more.

As I continue my walk to exit the park. My fear turned reality.

"Oh shit". I thought to myself

I could feel a presence. Someone was following me.

"For fuck sake this is why I keep track of my time." Mentally Cursing myself with every obscenity known to man.

I prepared myself, slowly sliding the pocket knife between my middle and second to last fingers peeking out my sweater.

Turning left stepping into the small bridge taking me across the other side of the lake.

It gave me the chance to hear his footsteps as he walked on to the bridge .

"Ten steps. That's how far he was behind me
Go dammit I can't do much at this point"

"Plan B". I took out my phone making it seem like I didn't notice the moron behind me and send V a text

To: V <3
The hunter is getting the bunny at six o'clock. Hurry  ASAP.

** Message Send**

He would know exactly where I am. Also the type of trouble too since we use codes to communicate just in case shit like this happened.

"What's a pretty little thing doing here...this late at night" The stranger said.

Those words send chills down my spine.  

"Fuck off" was the only thing I could word together.

"Listen I can show you a good time if you're willing to come with me" he added. His voice getting closer and closer.

"No thanks" being my final answer.  

He kept insisting. Quickly getting tired of my attitude. As I was about to swing the knife towards his face. He managed to yank me by the shoulder

"Let me go!" I yelled getting loose of his grip. But his strength surpassed mine by alot.

"HEY I SAID LET ME GO !" I yelled even louder hoping V would appear at any second.

Without a warning the man was down on the ground. Accidentally bringing me down with him.

He let go of me. I got up rubbing my shoulder now containing a large bruise.

I looked down to see him on the ground trying to cover his bloody nose and busted lip.

"What took you so long" I whined as I turn around expecting to see V.

"Who the hell are you" I said startled by another stranger.

"Great Now what do you want huh? " Giving no thought that he just saved me from a lunatic.

"Well a thank you should be enough" he said putting his hands back into his jacket.

"I could've handled it myself thank you very much" tired and aggravated from the creep before not wanting to deal with another one.

"Yea I could tell from the way he almost dragged you away" he said beginning to walk away from where we stood.

Although I didn't want to admit it, he was right.

"Thank you" I said before I started walking back to the other side of the bridge.

"Wait up" it was him again, what does he want now.

"Listen I didn't mean to come out as rude back there. But you really shouldn't be walking alone this late at night"

"You don't need to worry about me, I can handle myself plus I called my boyfriend."

"Oh really. I don't see him anywhere" He taunted moving his hand to show no one in sigh.

"Yea where the hell is V. He should have been here already." You thought to yourself .

A knot formed in my neck as I tried to swallow. My next few words coming out broken.
"He p-probably didn't receive my message"

I increased my pace in order to lose him. I had to, before tears began to form. There's one thing I hated more than my mother drinking and that was crying.

To be specific people seeing me cry. It made me feel weak and that's something I never want to show.

"Well if that's the case, I'm not leaving you all alone to wander elsewhere. I'll walk you home". His offer sounding sincere to his word as he flashed a gummy smile.

The corner of my mouth twitched almost wanting to smile.

"If I do, will that make you go away"
expecting a simple answer.

"Yea... for now" he said said playfully nudging my arm.

"Ash..." I rolled my eyes in annoyance letting out a smile this time.

"Don't lie to me, a deal is a deal" I stated making sure he knew not to cross boundaries.

He Began to speak trying to engage in conversation.

"The sky seems bigger and better every night"  he said staring up at the sky, a shimmer in his eyes.

"Yea it is." He agreed, taking off his hat to slightly fix it for a better view.

"It's the beauty we see in the small imperfections nature has to offer." Now I stared up at the Night sky.

Droplets of water landing on our faces. We kept walking and talking a bit more sharing laughs and small chuckles here and there.

The walk was only twenty minutes but it felt longer and I was grateful for it.

Across the streets there it was, my apartment. All the lights from every other apartment was off including mine. Which was a good sign indicating my mother was still in deep slumber.

"Well this is it, thank you again and good bye" I said waiting for the light to turn red.

I walked away, still feeling his eyes on me every step of the way. Forbidding myself to turn back.

I hope we meet again stranger...