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It came up in the chatroom that three of you hadn’t left the bunker in….a while

Saeyoung remembered Jumin had said farms were great for fresh air and relaxation

So, he books a hotel near one of Jumin’s farms so you guys could spend the weekend there

They were having some event so they were giving away farm hats near the entrance

Wonder who was the most excited to get one?

Plot twist: It was Saeran because he was getting really bad sunburn on his face from standing in line

So the three of you get a wheelbarrow and head into the farm

You three were just walking along and eating a few fruit as you went Jumin Han Friendship Perks

But you started to get really hot and tired, so Saeran tells you to go sit in the wheelbarrow

He starts pulling it and Saeyoung notices

He jumps in behind the handle because he wants to pull the barrow too

It was entertaining to see the two bonking hats and start bickering

They’re not in sync at all and keep tripping on each other’s feet…or just some vines on the ground

The barrow is going up and down and up and down, and you start to feel a little sick to your stomach

You’re by the watermelon fields when you request a stop

Saeyoung and Saeran are trying to pick one out to buy, but then Saeyoung keeps stuffing one under his shirt by his stomach

You find it funny, but Saeran is so done and pulls the barrow to the next section of the farm

You find your way into the vineyard, and you three have a good time picking grapes straight off the vine and eating them

Saeran picks a sour one and his face scrunches

You see it and try handing him more grapes

“Stop giving me sour grapes!”

“Aww, but the face you made was so cute!”

Saeyoung really wants to take some pictures with you, so you two go around the vineyard and start taking selfies while Saeran rests

There’s photos of you two feeding each other grapes…photos of you both trying to eat the same grape, and Saeyoung steals a kiss

You three transition to the tomato patch next, and you and Saeyoung go even crazier with the pictures

Only you dragged Saeran with you

He only agreed to take one picture, but he started taking pictures of you two

He’s slowly getting tired of both of your shenanigans by the eightieth photo

You ask him to take one last photo of you standing next to Saeyoung with a tomato on his head

Saeran hands you back the phone and heads to the bathroom for a break

You post the picture of you and Saeyoung online with the caption, “Me and my tomatoes.”

Saeyoung sees it and chuckles, “Why is ‘tomatoes’ plural?”

“Because our baby is about this size right now.”


Have a good week, sweethearts!!!