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It's been a while that I've written a one-shot, plus I want to finish my series.
Mature audience, viewer discretion is advised.

He's damn right, I cry a river thinking about him and never be able to meet him.
Here's the list:
I go over to the computer and edit a few shots of the boy group called BTS. Everyone seems really professional and serious in this photoshoot. Most boy groups I've worked with was difficult and unprofessional. The one I'm most impressed with is V, even though he told me to call him Taehyung, his photos are one of the most untouched and beautiful I've ever taken.
He knows how to look good in the camera and his confidence shows through with his charismatic personality in the pictures. I wouldn't mind working with them again. I make a mental note of them for future shoots.
I look once more of the photos and save them on my USB and hard drive. The photos will be edited and given to the magazine. I look up to see where the boys are and I see them on the side, drinking refreshments. The shoot only lasted 3 hours, which is impressive since it takes 5 hours with other groups. "Okay, crew. Time to close up shop." I say over the computers. I start packing up my camera and hear people start putting things away.
I turn around to pack my computer into the bag, when I see the group of boys coming over in my peripheral. Once I packed my laptop, I see the group bow and hear them say, "Thank you for you wonderful work and it was a pleasure working with you." I slightly turn towards them and bow, saying, "It was a pleasure to work with you and I may work with you again in the future." They bow again and individually, they give thanks to me and my crew. I'm amazed that they aren't rushing out to their next event. I grab my things, on my right shoulder, I sling my camera and the other shoulder I sling my laptop strap and grab some paperwork and my mug of coffee. I look at my watch and it's 9pm. I think I'll grab something to eat and take a cab home. I'm struggling a bit to walk over the exit with all that I have on me. I feel a pair of hands hold onto my elbow.
I look over and I see Jin, V, and Rapmonster there; Jin holding onto my elbow. "Let us help you with that, Ms.(Y/N)" says Rapmonster. I shake my head and say it's ok. "I hope you don't find it rude, but my mom taught me to help pretty girls when they seem to be struggling." says Jin. I'm charmed by his word choice of 'pretty girls', I'm probably a few years older than them and it's very sweet that they want to help me, so I let them. Jin grabs my laptop case, Rapmonster grabs my paperwork and V grabs my camera and links his arms with mine.
I look over to him and he has the most sweetest smile on his face, making my fingers twitch to snap a photo of him like this.

Jin goes ahead and opens the door. I step with V to the exit and I hear Rapmonster calling his members. I stop walking to see that the members are straggling towards us and I look to V and see him looking to his members. "V, do you think you can model for me for a piece I'll be submitting next week?" I say, trying to sound professional. He looks at me and says that he needs to talk to his manager to see if he can. I nod, trying not to feel disappointed and I look around to find somewhere to eat. He pats my arm to get my attention and see him pointing towards his members going to a restaurant.
My surprise doesn't go unnoticed and V says, "We wanted to treat you since you were very good with us and we want to continue working with you, Ms.(Y/N)." His hold on my arm propels me to go with him when he starts moving towards the restaurant.
Once we get to the table, there's only two seats available near the wall and I take my place outside of the table. Even though I was told to sit inside, I prefer the outside to have a quick escape to the bathroom.
They already ordered and food starts arriving. Rapmonster is sitting across from me and next to his left is Jin, then Suga and J-hope all on the same side. Next to my left is V, next to him is Jungkook, and Jimin. On my right is the wall, I have maybe a few inches of space. The ahjumma comes serving drinks and asks our ages. I tell her that I'm born in the year of the monkey. I hear a gasp on my left. I look around the table and hear their ages, my eyebrows raised in surprise. I thought that I was a lot older than them like by a few years. V leans forward and looks at me and says that he's surprised that I'm not that old. I blush and start eating my food.
Throughout the dinner, J-hope, Jungkook, and V are having a dance-off showing off their skills. I laugh at J-hope's girl dance impressions and Jungkook's silly meme-looking dance, but the one who left me breathless was V. His sexy hip rolls causing my mouth to go dry. I think I can put those hips to work on me. I blush at the thought of his hips on me. I silently bat away that thought, before I get myself in trouble.
A few minutes later, Rapmonster gives a toast of today's work and for my work and future collaborations. I start drinking a bit, as do the rest. Some of us laugh at Jin's joke and other's are having a discussion, of what I'm not sure, but all of a sudden I see V grab Jungkook by the neck and pull him forward.
From my point of view, behind V, it looks like they kissed. I gasp and cover my mouth and I blush. How in the world is this appropriate and why am I a little bit wet?!? I shake my head and look at Rapmonster and he's smiling, dimples popping out and blinding me, and he explains that V is a wanna-be Actor. He's practicing on the maknae, he explains to me. I have to calm down, so I excuse myself and head to the bathroom. I take a breather and re-touch my makeup and step out to go back. I see that J-hope occupied my seat, so I'm heading back to where J-hope sat, when Namjoon gestures for me to sit in between him and Jin. I squish myself and Jin turns to me and his face is blushed and his breath smells of soju. "You and I are around the same age. Do you mind if I drop the formalities, I feel so comfortable around you." I nod and he reaches over me to get Rapmonster's attention, while he does so, I look across and see V looking at me while he drinks.

My legs tremble and unbridled thoughts appear in my head. I squish my legs together, hoping no one notices how quiet I've become, thinking that tonight I'll have to satisfy myself with my fingers. I look at my phone and see that it's time to go home. I get up and tell the boys I have to go. I see that Jungkook is sleeping on Jimin's shoulder and Jimin looks like he's about to lay his head on the table to sleep too. Suga is shoving food in his mouth. J-hope gets up and walks over to me and smiles and says good night, then he sits next to Suga and talks to him. Jin is pulling on my shirt, begging me to stay. Namjoon is grabbing onto Jin's hands to let him go of me. V gets up and grabs my wrist, helps me step over the bench and pulls me towards him. Namjoon is feeding Jin, so I can leave. V walks in front of me, my wrist in his hand. Once we reach outside, there's no one around because of how late it was. I look over to V and I see his clothes are a bit disheveled, I blame what happens next on the alcohol. I turn towards him and fix his clothes. I look up and see that his tongue is out, my thoughts are centered on how his tongue can bring me to my knees and how I wouldn't mind doing it now, but then I realized that there's something on his lips.
I tell him so and his response is the cause of my downfall.
After the initial surprise of his lips on mine, my thirst takes over. I grab the back of his head and kiss him hard, I hear him open his mouth to take a breath and I take advantage of it. I thrust my tongue and his flavor causes fireworks to burst in the back of my eyelids. You've ever experienced little white dots in your vision for closing your eyes tightly? Well it's like that but more powerful. I don't stop there either, I grab his hands since they're on the side of my face and place one on my chest and the other on my ass. I feel his hands still for a second before they grab at it. I moan in his mouth and he puts both hands on my ass, pulling me closer to him. So close, that I can feel his heartbeat racing and his dick hardening. All of a sudden, I feel a pair of hands grab my waist and pull back from V. Everything happened so fast that I didn't know what was going on, all I know was that I wanted to get closer to V, skin on skin, breath on breath, to feel connected in the only way our bodies know how to.
I see Rapmonster grabbing V's jacket and pushing him against the wall. His eyes never leaving mine.
Once Rapmonster, lets him go and scolds him for what he thinks that V did to me; V slowly looks up from the ground where he stared at while Rapmonster was scolding him and stares at me full force intensity that caused my panties to be soaked even more.
Rapmonster and Jin apologized to me for V and I shook my head to tell them, it was my fault. V shook his head no and gave me a lopsided smile to tell me not to say anything and that everything will be ok.
I pout, feeling really guilty about this and unsure if I should withhold the truth. I tell Rapmonster and Jin that I'm ok, that it was the alcohol that made our heads not think clearly. I say to them I'll take the cab home, once I spot it turning onto the street. I bid adieu and tell them thanks for the dinner.
The next few days are uneventful since that dinner, I haven't received any reprimand or email of my behavior with BTS which is a relief, but I feel kind of disappointed. I'm at my desk, editing photos from another shoot and I'm so absorbed in my work, I don't notice someone standing by my desk until they clear their throat. I look up and see V staring down at me with a cup of coffee in his hands. "Hey (Y/N) Noona, I brought you something for you to drink." he says cutely. My heartbeat pulses a 1,000 mph and I gulped loudly, "UMM...I don't drink coffee...but thanks anyways." I say, while I click on what I'm working on to minimize and put my attention on this hot guy. I stand as I finish talking and look at him. He's smiling innocently but the shine in his eyes betray his smile. He leans over and says if I don't drink it, he will spank me.
Lascivious thoughts assault me, while I try to seem unaffected by his words since we are at my workplace. I brush past him gently and walk towards the elevators, hoping he would follow. I hear his footsteps unhurriedly behind me, knowing he did follow me. I get on and so does he when the elevator opens, I click on the underground parking. I feel the tension, it's so palpable that you can cut it with a safety pin, radiating from V. I look over my shoulder and see his tongue slide across pink lips.
I bit my lip and faced forward, I can see our blurry reflection on the elevator doors. I see him get closer to me, inch by inch, I jump when I feel his hot breath on the back of my neck. I purposely slide my hair on my right shoulder to tease him. I hear the elevator doors open, quickly stepping out and head towards 2 columns that can hide us from prying eyes and turn around to face V. "What do you think you're doing? Coming to my workplace and talking to me like we are the closest friends." I say in a hurried whisper when I see him coming closer to me. He stops abruptly in front of me, his chest touching mine, I step back a little and my feet touch the column. I only moved 5 inches, but it's not enough.
"You're the one who wanted to work with me and I found some time to come by. And if I recall correctly," he leans in to my left exposed ear and whispers, "we got very close, intimately close." I blush and recall that night. I put my hands up and say, "We were both drunk and we didn't know what we were doing." He grabs my hand and pulls them onto his chest, feeling the thrum of his heartbeat racing fast. "I think we both know what we were doing and if we weren't stopped, we could have had all night to figure out what exactly we were doing." He says as he kisses my neck. My knees start to quiver and I feel my panties soaking wet, so I close my legs tightly. He notices my movement and chuckles, "Are you trying to act indifferent like you're panties aren't actually wet because I can find out real quick if you are?"
I gasp and words of denial die on the tip of my tongue, when his tongue assaults mine. My emotions overwhelm me and I can't think straight, which is fine because it seems my body knows what to do. My fingers find his hair and his hands are grabbing my ass and kneading my ass closer to him. He's lucky I wore a short skirt because usually I wear pants and his hands on my ass is sending a low fire to burn in my lower belly. I put one leg up and bring his body closer to mine. My hands starts to unbuckle his belt, eager to get this thing started. I feel his hand travel from my ass to my leg that's encircled around his hips and grazing the inside of my thigh to reach the honeypot. His fingers touches my lace thong and he starts to part my folds to have better access to the bud that electrifies my nerves on end. I arch my back and moan, quickly realizing that it echoes in the parking garage, so I tried to stifle it as best as I could. His face is snuggled in the crook of my neck, leaving me with hickeys.
I finally unbuckled his belt and zipper and I drop to my knees, V gasps when I grab his dick and lick the pre-cum that's there and kiss it. He moans and I take him completely in my mouth. While my hands are on him and his member, his hands are unbuttoning my button-down shirt. When he's close to coming, his hands are entangled in my hair and I'm trying to tell him it's ok to cum in my mouth and the vibrations of me trying to speak with him still in my mouth, brought him over the edge and he exploded in my mouth. I sucked him dry and it tasted a bit salty but some reason, it tasted like him. I get up and I see him exhale and look at me.
He fixes my shirt and buckles his pants. I see him trying to fix the evidence of our tryst and my feelings get hurt. Was I not good? Is this all he wanted from me? Why did I think it would be any different with him, when all guys want is a good time. Ok let's pretend this didn't happen and let's not show him that it has affected me.
I fix my hair and look down to make sure that I look presentable and once I look good, I walk by him and towards the elevators. Before I could move more than 3 steps, he grabs my wrist and turns me around and pins my wrist behind my back. "Where do you think you're going?" he asks with a playful smile. "Back to work, some of us can't be out playing around like someone I know." I said, my voice sounding pissed. His face shows confusion and ask what I'm talking about. I told him that I understand what we just did was for a good time and that I have to go back to work.
His expressive eyes tell me that he's hurt. "Do you really think I'm capable of just having a fling and move on? I'm not that type of guy, (Y/N) Noona. I really like you and I didn't plan this, I didn't plan on falling in love with you at first sight and I definitely didn't plan on having my first incredible love-making session in a parking garage." I blush when I hear him say that he's in love with me. After he finishes talking, I tilt my head and ask what he means by "first".
He smiles sheepishly and says that I'm his first. I feel my face burning hot and I put my face on his chest, hiding my smile. I'm smiling because I'm his first and he's my first too. He lifts my chin up and says, "Noona, you have to take responsibility now. If I get pregnant, you have to take care of me for the rest of your life." I bust out laughing, "Taehyung-ah, only girls can get pregnant." He smirks and says, "If that's the case, now I am determined to get you pregnant with my baby." I gasp in shock and it's replaced by a warm feeling of hearing that, but I want to make sure that he's not playing around. "So that means you have to get married to me for the baby to have your surname, is that what you're saying?" I quirk one of my eyebrows and he nods profusely, "Of course we HAVE to get married, you can't have my babies if you're not my wife." I giggle and kiss him, he lets go of my wrist and wraps his arms around me.
My kiss started gentle and he deepened it and I felt ready to have his babies already. Dangerous thought, so I break apart, our breaths intermingling and I tell him I have to get back to work. He pouts and says to call in sick, I laugh and say that they saw me already and I have some paperwork to turn in. I slide my arms away from him and disengage his arms from me and walk to the elevators. I turn and see him still pouting, I tell him to get my number from his manager to contact me. He nods and I step inside the elevator and go to my desk.
Around 7pm, I get off work and check my phone for any messages. I see I have a voicemail and video message. The voicemail is the manager of BTS letting me know that tomorrow they need my services. I shoot a text to him and ask for more information. I look at the message from an unknown​ number and click on it. I see V on his bed and he's telling me how badly he wants to marry me, so I can be home at an appropriate time. That way he can do inappropriate things to me.
I call him and after 3 rings, he answers, "Noona, why do you have to work so late? Starting from now, I'm going to pick you up and take you home. It's dangerous for pretty girls to be out." I chuckle and tell him, I'm fine and he doesn't have to pick me up. "You have to be careful, if not, one day you will be sorry." I tell him I'll call him later and i see my car a few yards away and I walk towards my car and unlock it. I feel a hand close over my eyes and another hand around my lips. I'm so scared that I don't know what to do, so when they move me towards a car and bend me over the hood gently, that's when I try to struggle. The hands that cover my eyes are now holding my wrists, pinning them on my back. I feel the perpetrators's body leaning on top of mine. I shiver because I smell him and he smells familiar, the perp chuckles and says, "Are you sorry yet, Noona?" I'm frozen from the shock and then I become livid. His hand that covered my mouth is now on my hip. I tell him off about how scared I was and how bad I'm going to hurt him when he gets off me. "Why would I do that? I'm loving the view it provides me." he says huskily. I squish my legs together and I feel him lift my short skirt placing it on my lower back, my ass in plain view. "I think that you're actually turned on by this. Are you? Let's find out.", he says. His finger trails the slit to where my panties are soaked and he pokes the bud and my lower body jerks. Since my wrists are pinned, it's hard to move around. He uses his foot to push my foot to separate my legs. "Looks like Noona is a naughty girl and naughty girls deserve to be spanked. I bet you didn't even drink the coffee I got you, did ya?" I shake my head no, I bite my lip because it's true i didn't drink the coffee and I'm kind of liking this, so I guess I am naughty.
His fingers maneuver my panties out of the way to slip one finger in my pussy. My thirsty ass grips his fingers and he groans. He slips two more fingers and I moan. He withdraws his fingers and releases my wrists. I didn't realized I had my eyes closed, so when I open them, I see V in the passenger seat. I blush, embarrassed that he saw my face in that moment and I stand, letting my skirt settle over my ass and go to the driver side and take a seat. Why did he stop? It felt so good, is this punishment for the coffee.
I look over to him and he reaches over me and puts my seatbelt and I feel his arm brushing against my breasts. I inhale sharply and look at him, he looks at me while he fastens it and gives me a quick peck. He motions for me to start the car. I do and ease out of the parking garage, I'm still to embarrassed to say something. Thankfully, he speaks so I won't have to.
"Let this be a lesson for you to learn. I'll punish you if you are so unaware like today and if you drink around guys, no matter if they're gay, co-workers or you're oppas, I'll punish you like I just did. Understood?" I lick my lips and nod, why is this making me even wetter and hornier, somethings wrong with me. "We're going to your house to complete your punishment, do you understand Noona?" I nod. Maybe I should get punished more often since I'm a naughty Noona.
This is my first time being so explicit and super racy, if you like this, please let me know and I'll try to make more like this. If not, comment below. If you would like me to do one on your biases let me know.

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