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Hello Love! It's Melissa with Nu'est Monday! For this week's theme, we are doing scenarios of our members or group. I will be doing group scenarios. Let the fun begin...

You're an aspiring journalist. You get a chance to interview kpop group Nu'est. You were introduced to the members. At first the room was full of awkwardness. Then suddenly one of the members jokes about it. Everyone busts out laughing because its true. Laughter eases the awkward tension in the room. After that, you and the members were able to have an enjoyable meeting.

You and your friends get stranded on the side of the road. All of sudden, a van pulls in front of your Vehicle. A group of five handsome guys get out. They ask if they can helps us out. One of your friends gets all fan girl on you. Saying they were Nu'est, while rushing up them. I tell him if they can fix a tire, then that would be a big help. They work together with their manager to fix my flat tire. Once they were done, I thank them very much. My friends also mentioned their appreciation for their. Once we get back on the road, I look back in my review mirror. I seen them waving us goodbye. The girls were waving at them.

Your friends invited you to a music festival. They found out that Nu'est will be performing. They even found out the location of their waiting tent. They convince you go back stage area to look for it. Once you all find it, you all take a peek from the top with your phones. The members were at first shocked. One of your friends tell them that all you wanted was a photo. So what do they do? They strike a pose for our phone cameras. We thank them and started to run away once the security spotted us. You could hear the guys laughing as you all take off running.

Well that's all for this week's Nu'est Monday! I hope you all enjoyed the scenarios.

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