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Jongdae woke up to a ringing in his ears, his head was pounding. The lights overhead were too bright so he reached up to cover his eyes but ended up banging his head with something hard. His eyes focused on what was on his arm. It was a cast. It wrapped around his hand to his elbow.

“It's too bright”

The lights went down. Then someone was leaning over him.

“Jongdae are you okay? How do you feel?”

It was Suho.

“Dae-yah, do you remember anything?” he heard someone else ask.

Chen wanted to sit up, he even tried to sit up. Suho tried to hold him down, telling him to lay still but he still tried to get up. Then he felt another pair of hands trying to keep him down. He heard a woman tell them to hold him down.

“Jongdae, lay still. Your leg is bruised badly, you need to lie still.” he heard Kyungsoo say. His voice was more clearer.

“He needs help” he said trying to push himself up, pushing everyone's hands away. “Baek...Baek…Baekhyun!“ he cried out.

“Jongdae! He's okay” Suho said, trying to hold him down but he was becoming more and more frantic, trying to get out bed, calling out to Baekhyun.

A nurse came in with a syringe, quickly wiped Jongdae’s arm and stuck the needle in. Kyungsoo looked worried but knew it was necessary. He rubbed Jongdae's chest, trying to calm him down. Slowly, Jongdae calmed down, his eyes rolled back under his eyelids. He was still calling out to Baekhyun, saying he was bleeding, he needs help. His words turning uneven and slurred before the drug overtook him completely.

The door swung open, hitting the wall. Suho immediately turned and grabbed Xiumin. Xiumin took one look at Chen lying in the hospital bed and broke down crying. He pushed past Suho and tried to pick Chen up off the bed. Kyungsoo pleaded with him that he was okay, that Chen was resting and made him put him back down.

Xiumin hovered over Chen like a mother, he kissed the bruise on his forehead and his bruised cheek.

“Oh my Chen-Chen, look at your arm…” he rubbed the partially cast arm. He touched each finger that poked out at the end, lightly, “I'm so sorry, I should have left with you. I should have taken you with me and got you home safely.”

“It's not your fault.” Suho said. He sat down at the foot of the bed, “It was an accident.”

Xiumin shot him a glare, “Where is that little shit? Was he driving?”

“He was badly injured too, Minseok, don't be angry with him. It wasn't his…” Kyungsoo said before Xiumin shot back out the door.

Xiumin saw the managers coming out of the room next to them. One of them tried to stop him but with no success. Xiumin stormed into Baekhyun’s room, ready to knock some sense into him. Instead he was met with the sight of Chanyeol sitting next to his bed, gnawing on his nails, his eyes never leaving Baekhyun. Kai was standing behind him, rubbing his shoulders.

Sehun was standing in the corner talking to someone on his phone. He looked at Xiumin for a moment, like he wanted to ask him something.

“If you're going to be mad at him, be mad at him later.” Chanyeol said in his deep voice.

Kai looked up at him and then came over to him and pulled him out the door into the hallway.

“Don't be angry with him, hyung. It wasn't his fault. The other car veered into their lane. The other driver admitted that they were texting while they were driving and didn't realize they had gone into the other lane until it was too late.” Kai looked over at the managers standing around, drinking their coffee, waiting to hear when they can go home. Then the reporters at the end of the hall, taking pictures, asking questions. “The other car clipped them but it was enough to make Hyun-ah lose control, they slammed into the railing before his car turned over.”

Xiumin started tearing up as he looked at Chen's hospital door, “Jongdae.”

“Just be with him…” Kai said, “I'll come by in a little bit to check on Jongdae hyung I want to be there when he wakes up too. Baekhyun woke up for a few minutes and then went unconscious. Yeol is worried about him.” Kai gave him a hug, “Everything will be okay.”

Xiumin went back to Chen's room. Suho was sitting in the chair at the foot of the bed, Kyungsoo was sitting on the other side of the bed. Xiumin gazed at his Chen-Chen, he crawled into the hospital bed with him, pulling him into his arms. Kyungsoo looked back at Suho, Suho jumped up and locked the door. Kyungsoo made sure the curtains were shut tightly. This was a deep personal moment that they couldn't let anyone see.

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