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Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here with what I love about Wanna One and performances part 2: Jisung Edition! Ready to continue with this long ass ride? Yeah? Sweet, let's go!!
First, he's such a memelord it's adorable! Like he's the king of the memes! (Teach Jasmeme your ways memelord Jisung *bows down*)
Second, he knows how to be caring! He's such a caring person to his fellow members of produce 101 and I just, I'm like TT man, I'm like TT.
Third, he's always so peppy and bubbly and I love him!!
10 out of 10 cover stage. Like wow, yes Jisung you rock that Center position!!! He's honestly such a cutie pie!
First elimination. Okay honestly, I cried because of him. Like I love him so much and I'm so proud that he's making his dream come true like what??? Like my heart swelled when he got third place and I just wanted to hug him so badly!
The Jisung Clap. I literally love him so much for this okay?? I just what??? I'm so??
Jisung cam!! I love when he interviewed people on produce 101
He's. A. Visul. He looks so god damn beautiful and I'm just like what?? How can someone be so beautiful and still be human?? I'm seriously asking though so like please answer me Jisung!!!
And now favorite performances!
Again, there are millions of reasons I love Jisungieeee But in order to list them all I would need an eternity to list every single reason I love this beautiful boy, but even then words can't begin to describe the beauty that is Yoon Jisung.
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