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(A) Crosses the line with here foot and (B) touched the rope with her breast first lol interesting XD
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@AimeBolanos imagine getting beat at a goddess. Your whole being for able to do something destroyed by someone who physically should be at a disadvantage, that's devastating
@nicocoup So? It just proves that women strive to be more then what people think they are only capable of. And if the larger breasted woman won that means she worked twice as hard and shouldn't be disgraced or have sexual sexist comments be made at her just because she happens to have big boobs. You're not even a female to be understanding this type of thing so just comment who you think won and leave it at that.
word, sorry I offended you. I think A wins and if I was A I'd probably cry before killing myself
I ran track and was a sprinter (100, 200, relay 4X1 and 4X4) and it didn't matter if your body broke the rope foot placement was always the winner that way when you run you always stride to cover distance