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(A) Crosses the line with here foot and (B) touched the rope with her breast first lol interesting XD
Overall its a tie they both crossed <.< obviously in their own way but its a tie if it was more to the side we would see the boobs and the leg in the same distance you can even measure it if you go from her boobs and go straight down it will match the to the tip of the other girls foot
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:3 Not sure I can barely think right now as it is lol
@nicocoup That was one of the most sexist and stupidest comments I've read in a while.. Just because she has big boobs doesn't mean she can't be more athletic than someone who is more on the small side. You sound so ignorant saying that like wtf there are a bunch of ladies out there that have a good size bust and still kick ass in the sports they are in. Like the William Sisters. They both have bigger breast compared to most of their opponents and yet they are the shit at tennis.
That is a good question but if the judge was a perv and this happened he'd be staring at the bustier female and give her the victory 🤔but if the judge was a fair one he'd give it to the one who's legs crossed first
you are absolutely right
@nicocoup So? It just proves that women strive to be more then what people think they are only capable of. And if the larger breasted woman won that means she worked twice as hard and shouldn't be disgraced or have sexual sexist comments be made at her just because she happens to have big boobs. You're not even a female to be understanding this type of thing so just comment who you think won and leave it at that.
Well, I THINK it's a tie just as @AimeBolanos said.. I just wanna know what the fuck is the point of drawing that line across when there's a ribbon in the first place. But, I think it'd be fair if they didn't put up the ribbon that high just for this lol but moving on. I can't believe I had to comment this aha;;; :'))
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