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Okay, so it's big news for me anyway, but I really hope that you guys will give me lots of love and support too :)

I have started a YouTube channel, K-Faves!! This has been a long time coming, but I am finally getting my shit together and getting it done. It probably goes without saying since I am posting here, but it is a Korea centered channel, and I will be focusing on mainly kpop, but will do videos on all kinds of different Korean favorites like dramas, movies, snacks, meals, actors, etc.

I am currently preparing for my first video, and that is where all of you come in!

I will be asking a weekly question and my video will be based off the results. I will be posting this question on Twitter, Facebook, and here on Vingle each week. Since this is the first week, and I don't have much to speak of in the line of followers on Facebook or Twitter for this channel yet, I am really hoping you guys will help me!! I am really hoping to get the opinions of a variety of people, which is why I am asking on multiple sites.

I will also be starting a taglist that is completely separate from any of my other taglists. I would love to have you all on it, so if you are willing to, please let me know in the comments!

So here it is, the very first question of the week:
What song do you think is the best for introducing someone to kpop?

Please let me know what you think below :)

Also, if you would like to follow, like, subscribe, etc to K-Faves on any of my social media, here are the links:

YouTube -
Facebook -

Twitter -
Check out K-Faves (@K_Faves):

These pages are still under construction, so please be patient ;)

I will also be keeping all cards I make related to this channel in my K-Faves Collection

Please take care of me and show me lots of support!! I really appreciate your help and thank you for reading this far, lol ♡

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Following on all 😊. Please add me to taglist 😁. Good question... I usually just go with whatever I'm listening to at the time or whatever I last listened to. I'm almost always listening to music so picking one specific song is really hard for me lol. Groups I've used is a much easier thing for me to answer haha.
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No problem😊. I've just found that's what works best for me when trying to bring new peeps into the awesome soul-wrenching world of K-Pop 😂.
I will definitely follow you on everything. please add me to the taglist. And I feel like a good song to start on is either Big Bang- bang bang bang or G-friend Rough or fingertip
Ah, good choices!! Thank you!!
I would like to be in the tag list. And I would say Just Right by GOT7
That's a really good one! My son actually played that music video for his class (we printed out the lyrics), and a lot of the other kids really liked it - great choice!!
tag me ^-^
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Nice! Kpop can definitely be a bit overwhelming for some people initially. Thank you! 😊
Hi! I am also starting a Youtube Channel that is about traveling and some reaction videos for kpop or even jpop depending on what people are requesting. Hopefully we can be friends and also support each other!
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Thank you! And I tagged you by the way