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It took a bit of thought before making this... But oh well, like my other personal card, I dont care about the hate. This took me like ten minutes of picture taking, including the hearts and stuff, and I got tired. ;-; Jin deserves those ten minutes though, so its okay...

Hey fam! I'm here because I wanted to share my Hearts For Jin Day Selca.^^ ❀

But before that, I wanna say a few things... ❀

To Jin: You'll never see this. But I just want you (Seokjin) to know that you are an amazing, lovable, caring, and hilarious human being. You're jokes make me laugh, even if they're the most cliche thing. I hate the amount of hate you get, its uncalled for and it makes me want to cry... You're dancing is great, your singing is phenomenal, the hearts you give us are so thought out and well done, and we all appreciate it. Please, never feel bad about or doubt yourself. You're doing great with everything you have given us. Keep up the good work, Seokjin! I, and speaking for all ARMY, love you so much! Don't ever feel what you do isn't enough! Fighting!! ❀❀❀

Jin, my bias wrecker, is important. Important to me, important to (real) ARMY's, important to BTS, and important to the world we all, and he, lives on. ❀❀❀

Seokjin deserves more lines, and less doubt. Seokjin deserves more love, and less hate. Seokjin deserves more smiles, and less frowns. Seokjin deserves more laughs, and less tears. Seokjin deserves everything good in this world, because that's all he's ever given to us; Good things. ❀❀❀

BTS is BTS with Jin as they're comedian. ❀

BTS is BTS with Jin as their eldest. ❀

BTS is BTS with Jin as their visual. ❀

BTS is BTS with Jin as their master chef. ❀

BTS is BTS with Jin as their mama figure. ❀

BTS is BTS with Jin as a vocal. ❀

BTS is BTS with Jin as a shoulder to lean on. ❀

BTS is BTS with Jin as the maknae's hyung to mess with. ❀

BTS is not BTS without Jin. ❀

All the hearts put into this card, they're all dedicated to the flower we all call Jin. ❀

Jin, you're doing amazing. Please keep up the good work. ❀

Lots of love and hearts for you! ❀❀❀


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He deserves all the love in the world!!
I couldn't agree more πŸ˜„ (ur very pretty btw)
Thanks fam... ^^; ❀
you are so pretty!!!
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omg yass!! he deserves the world πŸ’–πŸ˜ (your super pretty btw)
He does!! And thank you so much~ ΰ²₯⌣ΰ²₯