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I'm His Noona Ft. J-Hope (Hoseok)

For Mature Audience, Viewer discretion is advised

This is the final of I'm His Noona series.
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I'm at the club with Jimin, Hobie, V and Jungkook dancing to the latest club song, Exo's KoKoBop.

Of course, the guys are dancing the choreo for this song, so I just go to the bar to grab some bottled water for me and the boys. While I'm waiting, I look around and see how many people are actually here. On the second floor, there's our VIP room. Most of my girls are in the room, there are some that act like friends because I'm real close to Hobie. The thing that they don't know is that Hobie's taken to this ratchet girl, something about her is so shady. I don't trust her and it's not because of my feelings for Hobie, maybe a little bit, but my gut tells me to not trust her.
I always follow my gut. The bartender grabs my attention and hands me the bottles. I nod and smile to show my thanks. I go back to the guys and give them their bottles. Jimin and Jungkook smile their thanks. V is still dancing, so Jungkook grabbed his bottle from me and held it out for V. Hobie hugs me tightly, my heart in my throat, he whispers his thanks in my ear and sends a shiver down my back. He lets go and I can still smell him, aftershave and cologne and his own unique scent. I feel my face go hot, so I point to the restroom sign and they all nod and smile to me.
On my way over, something catches my eye when I'm passing a hallway. I go into the hallway and see the person go into a room on my right. I pass slowly and from the slow closing door, I see a couple making out. I shrugged, not knowing why I even followed them, until I saw the girl's face. It was Hobie's girlfriend of only 2 months.
I don't even know how my body is standing in front of this couple, but I do know that all I can see is RED. I grab her hair and pull her back. She screams and the guy, clearly drunk, tries to grab at me. I kick him between his legs and he goes down. She's yelling at me to let go and I shove her onto the couch that's on my left. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" she yells, her face scrunched into an ugly scowl.
"I can ask you the same thing, you're dating J-Hope, what the fuck do you think you're doing?" I said, my voice calm and controlled even though I'm shaking with anger. She has the audacity to laugh. "Look, J-Hope is a good boyfriend but he's not satisfying my needs. I'm not the innocent girl he likes to think I am." I get closer to her, my voice low, "Then why are you still with him? If he's not satisfying you then why don't you break up?" I said. She scoots back and fixes her hair, "Because he's famous and I love being his girlfriend."
"You are so shallow," as I said this I got closer to her and bending over so my face was inches from her. "and once he finds out about this, you guys are so over."
"He loves me too much to do that, plus he won't believe that his innocent girlfriend would cheat on him." she says after leaning back to the couch. I stand abruptly and I stalk over to the door and say over my shoulder, "We'll see about that."
I forget about going to the bathroom and head straight over to Hobie and grab his arm. I maneuver us out of the dancefloor and crowd and go outside. I keep going until I feel him stop and I let go and he's standing in front of me. "Noona, what's wrong?" he says.
"I need to talk to you about something really important." I'm staring at the ground, my eyes watering because I know how upset he'll be, but I blink back the tears. He lifts my chin to look at my eyes. I move away and walk towards a bar and he follows. He kept glancing over and trying to figure out what's wrong, so I put my pokerface on and sit down far away from the other patrons. He sits and orders food and soju. Once the food and drinks are served and the ahjumma leaves, he grabs my hand and I look up. "Noona, you're scaring me, tell me what's wrong?" his eyes pleading with mine.
"We've been best friends for 3 years before you debuted, right?" knowing I had more to say, he nods his head. "I love being your friend and I've always been completely honest. Do you know that?" He nods again and smiles. "As your best friend, I'm only looking out for you, do you trust me?" He smiles and says, "Of course, I do".
I take a deep breath and recount what I saw and the conversation I had with his girlfriend.
His face scared me. It looked like he was processing what I said and of course he's not happy. Which is really rare to see him like this, that's why it's scaring me.
After a while he asks me if I can take him home and I tell him, "Yes, it's no problem". He starts drinking and I feel helpless because I can't do anything to take away his heartbreak. He slowly looks at me with such sadness in his face that my heart breaks a little.
"Am I that unlovable?" he says. I'm about to ardently tell him that's not true. When he grabs a bottle of soju and walks out the bar, stumbling. I quickly pay the tab and follow him. I see him spitting his drink onto a parked car and I pull him away before the owner sees him.

I walk next to him and help him up when he stumbles, he shrugs me off and keeps walking towards a park. After a few futile attempts at getting on the swings, he chose to sit on a bench. He started talking crudely about his girlfriend and how she never calls him and how he should have known. Just went on a rampant angry tirade.
After the self-deprecating and dissing rant, he starts to sway. I tell him to get up and go home. He gets up but rocks back and forth, until I put his arms around me to give him a piggy-back ride. But he's too heavy, so I sling his arm around my shoulders and start walking. I can't carry him for too long because he's not cooperating with me, so I look around and see a motel. I head over and get a room. The receptionist looks at me like 'this is a first' a girl bringing a drunk guy. There's no elevator and our room is on the 2nd floor. I'm sweating profusely once I reach the second floor. I rest against the wall, J-hope mumbling obscenities and I'm smiling because he never uses swear words. After a few minutes, I move with Hobie to the last door in the hallway and open it. My legs are trembling from all the exertion and I lay down with Hobie's arm still around me on the bed. I take a few moments to catch my breath and I get up. I see that he's not going nowhere, so I go to the bathroom and grab a bottled water on my way there and lock the door. I drink the whole bottle and wash my face in the sink. I see there's 2 bathrobes and I feel icky with all the sweat from the club and the walk so I jump in the shower and take a quick 5 minute shower. I come out of the shower and I see Hobie pulling on his shirt, saying he's too hot.
I cross the room and take his jacket off. He mumbles a thanks. He stands up and walks over to the bathroom and drinks the water from the sink. After he splashes water on his face, he slides his hands through his hair, showing his forehead then his bangs falling back into place.

He leans on the doorway. Squints through the poorly dim lighting in the room and stares at me.
He comes closer to me and I see his hands coming to grab my face and see his tongue lick his lips. My heart starts beating fast.
Once his hands are on me, I'm aware that I'm not wearing anything underneath the robe and just like that my needs ramped up and uncontrollable thoughts popped in my head. His hands snake through my neck and up into my hair. He grabs a fistful and gently pulls until my face is a few inches from his. I feel his hot breath on my face and smell a note of alcohol in his breath.
He slowly moves forward and his nose is touching mine. I see his eyes staring into my soul and I close my eyes, so he won't see my feelings for him in them. He kisses me and it's a kiss full of anger and sadness, I know this because I've seen the way he's kissed his girlfriend so lovingly that I always had to look away. His tongue is fighting his way in my mouth and I let him in without much resistance. My feelings of love and want are overpowering my sanity because I know that he's not thinking straight, but I've wanted this for so long and I've never been selfish or greedy until this man came into my life. I've put myself and my feelings on hold for our friendship and I don't think I'll ever be able to touch him like this.
As his focus is on my lips, my hands start undressing him. He moans and helps me take off his shirt, separating for a brief second until his lips are meeting mine again. I unbuckle his belt and pull down his pants. I stand so that our bodies can touch. His lips trails my jaw and kisses my ear, biting on the lobe and I sigh with content, hearing this he continues his path down my neck leaving love bites and open mouthed kisses. His tongue trails my collarbone and softly bites my shoulder causing me to shiver. His hands are no longer tangled in my hair, their blazing a path down my back to my bum.
My hands are on his chest, feeling his heartbeat rapidly beating and I don't stop there, I pinch his nipples and I hear a sharp intake of breath on my neck. I smile and do it again and I feel the approval in his groan. I move my hands lower, until I grab his member through the front of his underwear. He stills for a moment and then relaxes. His right hand is on top of mine and pulls my hand away, wrapping it behind my back. My other hand's holding on to the back of his neck. His other hand is easing the knot on my bathrobe and once it falls away, his eyes devours the skin that's peeking through the small opening. He lets go of my hand that's behind my back and pushes the robe off my shoulder.
I feel his manly hands on my shoulder and the descent towards my breast. I gasp as I feel his hold on me. I lean my head back, when I feel his breath near my nipple. Once his tongue touched me, all hell broke loose. I turned him around and pushed him on the bed. I kneeled down and pulled his underwear down too. I grabbed him and started working from the top to the bottom. I put him in my mouth and gently used my teeth to scrape a little. Then, I teased him with my tongue and I tried to hum my approval of his considerate hands, pulling my hair away from my face. A few more strokes then, I pulled him out of my mouth. He groaned his disapproval and leaned back from resting on his elbows.
I chuckle and climb on top of him, I hear his surprised gasp and I slowly enter him in me, inch by inch. I'm soaring in the sky because I've dreamt of this for 2 years and he's my first. I gasp and try to relax my pussy muscles and take him slow. I hear him breathing loudly and rapidly. I smile although I highly doubt that he could see me. The only light that's coming in is through the windows that's facing a night club sign and it's not even that bright. Even from here, I can hear a low bass thrum. Once I accepted him completely, I start to rock back and forth. Hoseok starts moaning about how good it feels. I start to feel the build-up and I know that I'm about to come, so I wrap my arms around Hoseok and once I go over the edge. I whisper "I love you, Hobie" My heart bursting with joy. "I love you, too, Sunny." I freeze and I hear Hobie grunting his release inside of me and he pulls me onto his chest and rubs my back. He kisses my neck and in a few seconds, falls asleep. I slowly roll off him and curl up in a ball. I start shaking from the despair and anguish of having to know that he wasn't think about me, but of that two-timing bitch. I cried so much, but I tried not to wake Hobie up, so I silently cried myself to sleep. I wake up first, my body near Hobie's.
I slowly look up and find that he's still sleeping. I gently get out of the bed and dash quietly to the bathroom. I take a quick shower, I don't have any more tears in me to cry about last night. I feel so hollow. I grabbed my phone and dialed Kookie's number and told him what happened to Hobie after I told him what his girlfriend did but I didn't mention my sleeping with Hobie. I told him where we were and if he can get here ASAP. A half hour later, I hear the door knock and I wait until I hear it open, as I step out and see J-hope pulling up his underwear and walk towards me a bit embarrassed.
"Sorry for taking the bed, whenever I drink, I strip. Did you have to sleep on the floor?" he asks me with a sheepish smile not looking at my eyes. "Do you mean you don't remember what happened last night?" I feel myself shake, not of anger but remorse. I took advantage of him in his dire state, when all he needed was a friend. He shakes his head no and worry is on his face, "Did I make you feel uncomfortable or make a move on you? Cuz that's what usually happens when I drink, I do a lot of skinship."
I start walking by him, not able to look at his face because I feel like breaking down and that would cause him to feel guilt for something he didn't do, it was all my fault. I said no over my shoulder and I see Jungkook looking at me, I think he knows what happened. He knows about my feelings but has never pushed me on it. I look and see the sympathy in his eyes about how clueless J-hope is. He doesn't know the grave sin, I just committed.
A few days later, I meet up with the boys. After that day at the motel, I told Jungkook everything and I made him promise not to tell Hobie. I distanced myself from Hobie, which he noticed but didn't think much of it, but I became a bit sensitive lately. All of my guilt and misery has affected my appetite, I lost 10 pounds because of this anguish. I see Hobie being hugged by Namjoonie and he looks at me and pretends that I'm so far away. I laugh.
I walk up to them and I'm greeted by the boys with hugs. We walk towards their venue because they have a concert tonight and I'll be watching them from the sidelines. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Sunny gliding towards us with her fake ass smile, looking at Hobie. I feel an arm snake it's way around my waist. I look over and see Jungkook shake his head. I understood what it meant, Kookie told me that he told Hobie what happened with the two-faced hoe. So, Hobie is aware of his girlfriend's infidelity. As she comes closer, we slow down and Hobie's confusion is apparent, until he turns around and sees what the cause was. He looked at her with indifference like she was nobody to him. Which of course made me happy.
"What do you want, Sunny?" his voice devoid of emotions, but I can tell in his eyes that he's angry. "Nothing, I just wanted to tell you good luck and that I'll be watching you from the sidelines. You know that I would never betray you." she says, acting all coy. My fist clenches and I hear Hobie say, "I thank you for wishing me good luck, but that's all I want from you. I don't want to see you again." Sunny's pretty face turns a blotchy red making her look like she has rashes. "That bitch," pointing at me, "is a liar. The guy took advantage of me and she's spouting lies because she's in love with you." She glares at me. I'm not paying attention to her, but at Hobie. She basically called out my feelings and I want to know what he says because I feel like a little bit of me is dying everyday since that night.
"She's not a bitch. She's more special to me than you are and I believe her because she's never lied to me before. I would be so lucky to have someone like her actually love someone like me. I'm a fool because I thought I loved you but it wasn't really you now, was it?" he shakes his head and says over his shoulder, "We are through, disappear from my life, unless you want my fans after you." I smiled and followed Hobie, while the rest of the guys stayed behind to deal with her and call for security. I was too late to catch up, so I was escorted to the sidelines where friends and family are seated. I'm playing on my phone when I receive a text.

My Hope: Hey, sorry I couldn't talk to you. I was just so mad
Me: It's ok, I understand.
My Hope: I want you to know that what I said was true.

What did he say? I tried racking my brain but I heard a bell, notifying me about a text.

My Hope: About me being lucky to have someone like you possibly be in love with me.
Me: Consider yourself lucky then.
My Hope: Are you for real?
Me: YEP!!! <3<3<3
My Hope: My <3 was already yours, I was just too stupid to realize it
He sent me this pic to show proof, I smiled but I wasn't completely happy until I told the truth. But I don't want to do this through text, so I called him. He picked up on the first ring and I didn't wait for him to greet me, I just word-vomited it about that night. I heard silence after I spoke, I'm so scared of what he'll say, so I kept calling his name. After the third time, I hear him say, "I can't believe I don't remember that night....Tonight, we'll try again." I'm floored by what he said that I burst out laughing. Not caring the looks I was receiving, I blushed and told him that I don't mind trying it again but no alcohol allowed. He chuckled and said that he's got to go. I wait for a few minutes and see that the boys are passing my the sidelines to go onto the stage and I see J-hope giving me such a daddy look, I almost drooled.

Throughout the concert, his eyes kept looking at me.
Each time he did, I mentally counted to 10 to calm myself before I do something stupid, like run on stage and jump on his dick. Just kidding, well maybe, IDK.
12 months later, I see my daddy looking hella fine today with his snapback and T-shirt. He looks at something Kookie says but then looks back at me.
"Hey, daddy. Do you want to play?" I smile flirtatiously and he grabs me around the waist and thoroughly kisses me. In the background, I hear Kookie say get a room. I break the kiss by laughing. J-hope looks at me confused as to what's so funny, which made me laugh even more because his face is judging, so hard.
"Hobie, you're gonna scare people with that face!" I said, still laughing. His face relaxes into a smile and says, "I don't care about other people, I only care about my family." My heart warms to hear that I'm part of his family. "Where's my boy?" he says. I point over my shoulder and see V playing around. "Over there" I said, wrapping my arms around his neck and inhaling his scent. "Noona, you shouldn't let V play with Von." he says, pouting. "Let them be, Von will do just fine, just like you turned out fine." I give him a quick kiss and snuggled closer to him.
Can anyone guess why the baby is called Von? its explained in the comments

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My FANFIC Friends:
his full name is Kim Von Ai =von means hope in Norse and Ai means love in Japanese meaning he's our hope and love
Fancy! I like it!
Awww I love it. Kawaii
when i saw norse i thought horse, what a coincidence 😂
this should a complete full story
maybe in the future, just for u 😁😁😁
Omg why tell me I wanna get this lol. Btw loved the story
I will let u guys know after i get 10 likes and 10 clips 😂
The suspense is gonna kill me lol 😂
VON BOYAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that's pretty creative but wrong
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