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My Manga Shelfs
So this is my current bookshelf set up! Its probly gonna change very soon because the One Piece wont fit in that lil sqaure anymore xD

Below them i have my games,comics and dvds :)
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How did I miss commenting on this??!! That's what's up NAKAMA!! I didn't know One Piece had a third box set out now!! My manga shelf is my love! I wanna read Soul Eater now!! I'll trade you my fairy tail! For a week!! 😁
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@LuffyNewman captain :D yh! it was relased at the begginin of the year..gose up to 70 and im curretly on the impel down arc :3 soul eater was my 1st ever manga 😢it holds a very special place in my heart
2 months ago
@YankLugoGlez this is my collection as of last month... its alil differnt now :)
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@whatamooy yeah same some authors dont get enought appreciation or support and having the physicals is much better, i rather read them physically than online in my opinion .....Bad thing about like liking anime nowadays is you cant find anyone to talk to about this kind of things🙁
2 months ago
@DevilsSon this is my old set up! now ive got a kitana, more manga and the one piece ran out of space so it took over the top :D
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@whatamooy i like this card when you posted it lol😂
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