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My Manga Shelfs
So this is my current bookshelf set up! Its probly gonna change very soon because the One Piece wont fit in that lil sqaure anymore xD

Below them i have my games,comics and dvds :)
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20 days ago
loving your setup!
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Thank you! :3 its always a work in progress tho
20 days ago
all my stuff has been shut up in a box cause I move every year T^T but I love this and hope I can achieve this one day~♡
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aww nuu..set the manga freee!!! and im sure you can.. anyone can! just takes time :3
20 days ago
Wow! So neat and organized! And you have most of my favorites! Great collection! :)
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probably Blue Exorcist :) though, to be honest, I haven't read very much of the manga, but watched the anime. Same with Blood Lad. The manga keeps calling my name loudly at book stores though :) maybe I'll answer it next time.
19 days ago
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