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Hello Topp Klass! It's Suki with HoJoon Tuesday! Let's see what HoJoon has in store for you today!
I will tell you what you are doing to me. I try to forget you, but you keep falling on me. I start to love you more the cuteness you have and how you make me smile. I just wish you would not do that.
That dorky lok you have on your face, that makes me smile, to think that you are smiling and being happy. Those deep brown eyes that make me fall for you I wish I could just stop it.
I love that smile on your face smile on your face and I will hate it if the sunlight you have has gotten wet with your tears and it brings rain from your eyes. I will even hate the rain so much if is takes away that sunlight and smile from you eyes.
So I hope you will always have that wonderful deep brown eyes with the sparkle in them all the time.

I was trying to do a limerick but split it up with pictures. So please let me know what you think. Until next time stay Klassy!
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