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This weekend I took the KTX (high speed train) to a town called Pohang on the east coast of Korea.

It's best known for being the furthest east you can go in South Korea and lots of people go there on New Years Day to watch the first sunrise :)

I went there for the International Fireworks Festival and it was a blast!

Watch it here:

The town was really lovely, and I'm so glad we got to visit on a rather cold day. It's usually really hot there in the summer, especially since this summer has been mega-hot all over Korea, but our weekend was a little rainy (but not too much!) and overcast - just how I like it!
Luckily though, the weather was great for the fireworks and a night walk on the beach :)

Do you like fireworks? The noise freaks me out but they're so pretty!

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it looks really pretty and you're not the only that gets freaked out by fireworks 😒😒 I can manage them from a distance though 😍😍
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@caricakes I agree on the 4th of July I nearly cried since everyone in my neighborhood loves fireworks and were setting off firecrackers all over the place γ… γ… . I didn't want to leave my house....