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YG just changed WINNER's Seungyoon, Seunghoon, and Jinwoo's stage names to Yoon, Hoony, and Jinu...

It's not a HUGE change but like...why haha

You can see their new names in their teaser images:

But really the best thing to come from this is from reddit:

and here's the mv teaser!

What do you think of the change?

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they've actually been this way since their last comeback, and are not actually any different than how they have been referred to on fan sites for quite a while with the exception of the change in spelling of Jinwoo which is still pronounced the same. I have definitely been seeing them in more places this way though now
100% not happy. Their names were completely fine already. Yg should just leave the company~ I'm so sick of him and his bullcrap/lies regarding Minzy, 2ne1, Taehyung, Se7en, & Top and I'm sick of him playing favorites. Now he's changing the names of the members of one of my favorite groups? JINU??? What kind of stupid name is that?!? Hoony??? What even is this?! Winner was supposed to have a mature and genuine theme but now everything's changing. I really hope YG gets a grip and handles his company better... I have nothing against the members at all though! Even if Winner had to put on bunny costumes they'd slay. Sorry to be such a downer, I'm usually really open to change, but I'm really not feeling this...
personally I like this, I think its actually a smart move from YG. I mean let's be honest, we may love them, but as a company YG hasn't been earning itself the best reputation, especially not in recent years. A change is needed, and revamping his groups, giving them fresh stage names, just like he did with iKon is a smart way to help them shrug off any negative stigmas that may be associated with the groups because of their company. Winner are still Winner, this won't change that.
aye harry potter reference
change or not I've always known Jinwoo to be Jinu. and IC calls seungyoon Yoonie and calls Seunghoon Hoonie. so it's not really something I will be against or that it's anything new. he might had just changed them bc they "nicknames" are trendy bc they're cuter and easier to use. There's too many possibilities why he changed them (hopefully he will explain why in ygtv). still I like the fact that they used their real names as their stage names.