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Hello and welcome to Youngjae and Jongup day!

So this Q I'll be alternating cover pics between Youngjae and Jongup because I don't want to keep reusing the same one's of them together!

This week let's share our favorite B.A.P songs with each other!
It can be a non-title track or a title one, it doesn't matter!
Share your top 5 favorite B.A.P songs in the comments!!

Here's my top five:

1. Wake Me Up
This song recently became my favorite B.A.P song!
2. Skydive

3. Yamazaki (Yongguk)
I know this is a solo song but it's one of my favorites of their solo's.
4. Try My Luck (Jongup)
Again I know it's a solo song but I still love it!
5. 1004 (Angel)


What are your top five B.A.P songs?


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