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Alrighty ladies and gentleman...i got some amazing pictures to show you. So...first of story time.❤❤❤❤

❤ So my goal before I got a tattoo was, I had to finish my first book...Koreans for Beginners by July 1st.....and I did so I started saving for my Tat at the end of the Month...So now a month down the road I got it! On my thigh nice and big...
This looks so freaking amazing. I seriously wanted to tell the guy I loved him for how amazing he did. Needless to say I have found a tattoo artist I love...and same goes for @Sweetduella

@Sweetduella had a goal for herself and that was graduate...and she did, finishing up her last class for the summer, she came down to me so we both could get tats. Hers turned out amazing!!!! She got here on her ankle. She made a card about this experience as well click here to see it.
I love hers it's so amazing and I love the color!

Anyone else have the urge to get a kpop tat now? Does anyone have a kpop tat?

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I have two kpop tattoos!
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I love it it's super cool! Where you put yours must have hurt too! But I guess all do😂I have one on my rib and that one was the toughest 😂
They look really good. I can't get o e as I'm allergic to the ink (along with a ton of other stuff).
They look really cool!
Congrats again to you both, these are amazing! I will be getting my 4th tat, my first kpop one, this year to represent my loves & UB group.
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@SugaKookieV lol that it does but the wait is so worth it
❤❤❤❤ OMG I WANT A KPOP TAT SO BAD!! They look amazing!!!
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