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Today is an amazing day!
I met up with @SugaKookieV today and we got some amazing tattoo's!!! lol
A Baby and an army walk into a tattoo parlor together, guess what they get.
These awesome symbols that's what!

In honor of finishing my degree for college I got my tattoo as a reward which I have been dying to get!
Sarah finished her book of learning Korean which she accomplished and aimed for the goal of both speaking the language plus getting a kpop tattoo.
Wanted to share our accomplishments and our awesome tattoo's!

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These are amazing! Congrats to you both for completing your goals!
Thats super cool!! I want one for BTS but not sure what yet..
I want to get a kpop tattoo as well but maybe not a logo, probably lyrics of a song that means a lot to me.
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I'm going to be getting a BAP tattoo also It is going to be the Matoki with Matrix underneath it
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@destiny1419 lyrics are hard to choose took me a while to figure out which song to even choose from. I bet you'll pick a great song to choose lyrics from ☺
Congratulations to you both! And awesome tattoos!
thank you so much!