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due to potential language, and sensual content
Lead: Jackson Wang of Got7

You're woken after a 500 year sleep, by the blood of your long-lost love blood relative. When you come to the re-new world, you come to learn he even looks just like him. This time you refuse to lose him and do everything you can to keep him, as well as protect him, from the person that separated you both 500 years ago.
Chp 8 | ...

~(Roselyn POV)~


Its been a couple of days since we saved Mark from Erik. JYP and myself have been searching for Erik lately, with council help, but its was like he disappear off the face of the earth. "We've been working hard, and coming up with nothing. I think we should just wait for now. Just keep our guard up."

JYP said as we sat in his office. I sighed heavily and rest my forehead on the table. "How about we throw Mark and Jackson a welcoming party. We get all the supernatural beings in the company together for a private party. I'll even open it up to the supernatural beings in other companies."

I took a deep breath, before lifting my head and leaning back in my seat. "Sounds like fun. They do need to meet others like them and know they are not alone in this world. Before we do so... I need to have a one on one talk with Mark. I think the kid still wants to rip my head off."

JYP just nodded as I sighed heavily. "I'll be back... get it over and done with, right?" He smiled warmly at me, before I got up and headed down the the dance practice room the boys were in. "Mei!" Jackson came running over to me the moment I stood in the door way. I stumble backwards into the hallway, as he picked me up hold me close at the same time.

"Yah! I see you every night silly! Put me down."

I couldn't help but giggle and smile at his behavior. It was charming to me, and it did make me feel very loved. I pray that this didn't stop ever. He gently put me down, and kissed me cheek, before bring me back into the room. "I'm actually happy you're here Roselyn." Mark spoke up, surprising me, but making Jackson protective of me.

Jackson made me stand behind him, as he stare down Mark. I bopped Jackson on the head lightly, getting him to whine. "Stop it... He not going to harm me, silly." Jackson just pouted at me, whilst rubbing his head. "Honestly, I'm glad you feel that way... I think you and I need to have a talk, Mark."

He hummed as he walked closer to me. We both noticed Jackson's eyes glowing as he got closer. "Knock it off or no suga for you Jackson." He looked at me sad, as the glowing faded. "Savage, Mei." JB chuckled as I walked over to the employee lounge with Mark.

I closed the door, as Mark sat down on the couch. He was leaning forwards, with is elbows on his thighs. "Jia and I had talked, and she help me realized.... even though I drank Erik blood, he isn't the one that made me vampiric wise." I sat down on the table in front of him.

"I know... You were dead when I was there.... or at least dying slowly. There something about my blood, it made not only me, but Jackson a day-walker. So no surprised really that it was able to help you come back to us. Though I am sorry it resulted in you becoming a hybrid."Mark shook his head, before taking my hand in his own.

"I am choosing to trust you, but its best you don't talk about harming Erik in front of me. As a wolf, I have the natural instinct to protect him."

I simply nodded my head, fully understanding how most wolf packs acted. They were very protective over the ones they loved, and with him being a hybrid, it was protective over his maker. This his body it thinks Erik is the maker, even though I actually am. But Erik is my maker as well, so its no surprised how it got confused. "Well I do have one request though."

Mark looked up at me curious as he blinked at me. "I know Jackson is your best friend, so please... at least... Help me protect him. Erik wants to hurt me, and Jackson is the only way to do that." Mark nodded his head, before I gently pet his head. He smiled warmly at my act of affection towards him.

Soon enough, Mark and I rejoin the rest of Got7, to see JYP was talking to them. "How well did your heart to heart go?" JYP looked over at us, with hope in his eyes that it went well. "We have come to mutual ground... Happen to actually be Jackson." Mark answered as Jackson looked a bit confused.

"We agree to not talk about Erik with each other, and agree to protect Jackson from him no matter what."

Jackson smiled as he came over to us. "You're my best friend man, vampire or not... we're bothers." Mark said, before Jackson and him gave each other a brotherly-love hug. It warm my heart to see Jackson and Mark making up. "This is good, because I already arrange for tonight, to have a party for Mark and Jackson."

The boys all looked at JYP a bit surprised. "Did you invite the families too?" I asked, whilst walking over JYP. "I have arranged a private plane for them, but they haven't reply back." Mark sighed heavily, and lean again Jackson.

"No surprise if my parents don't show, it means they officially disown me."

Jackson play with his hair, as they lean against each other. "I invited the Council, they said they would try to send at least one of them to attend." I pray for Alison in the back of my head. JYP sent the boys home to get ready for the party tonight, as I help him set up the rooftop of JYPe to be the location for the party. It was a great spot too, especially since it was a beautiful night.

I even carter the party personally, while offering double time for my staff. Money really did motivate a lot in people. All of JYP supernatural members did arrive, along with YG's, Cubes' and SM town's. When Got7 join us everyone cheer for the boys. I did notice Ren sneaking into the crowd as she join the party.

She made her way over to Jackson and offer to shake his hand. "Welcome to our kin, Wang Jiaer." Jackson smile and bow to her, as I noticed Mark throwing shade. I playfully threw my arms around his shoulder, and move to be ear range. "I agree with you on that hundred percent."

Mark chuckled softly as he held my hands. "And Mark... I know you're pass kin has disown you, but not vampire kin. Welcome to you as well." She offer her hand to him, but he just growled at her. "Too soon Ren, please leave him alone."

I spoke up on Mark's behalf, as she nodded and pulled her hand back. "Jiaer!" We all turn around to see Jackson's parents. His mother was balling, as his father glared towards me angrily. I sighed heavily, and hung my head in shame, as Jackson went to greet his parents. "What has that woman done to you?"

Mark patted my hands as I rest my forehead on his back. "Mama... She protecting me... from someone more dangerous. She did the same for gramps too. She loves our family, and has put her life on the line to protect us all." Jackson defended me to his parents, but I could feel his father burning glare on my back.

"She the reason our family almost didn't exist. You're better off without her."

Mark's grip tight as I felt tears threatening to appear. "No I am not... I'm now strong enough to protect myself with or without her. He came for me, and Mark... she saved us. So please be civil with her. At least for tonight." I could hear his father sigh, as I felt Mark tense up.

I looked up to see Mark staring at a woman that looked like him. "Mom?" I let go of Mark and pushed him towards her. She was teary eye, and smiling warmly at her. "Mom!" After I pushed him, he ran towards her, to be in her arms.

"My baby... Oh I'm so glad you're alive. I don't care that you're a hybrid. They can disown you all they want, you're my baby and I will always love you."

I couldn't help but smile warmly at this mother-son bonding moment. Especially since she was risking facing the pack's wrath for being here for him. "Trust me mom, the person that saved me, she didn't intend for this to happen. But I am glad she did, cause I get to see you again."

They all looked at me, making me feel shy, as I rubbed the back of my head. "This is a welcoming party.... so lets party as the big happy family we have become." Everyone agree, as I made my way towards the table to make sure the food was perfect. "We need to talk about Erik..." I turn to see Ren was the one talking to me.

"I think we should have a sit down. Talk this all out."

I glared at her, as I noticed I was growling too. "You want to do that, get the rest of the council to agree. I no longer trust you... because if you actually did make sure Erik couldn't come here to Asia, Jackson would still be human, and Mark would still be a wolf. You need to watch yourself, because I'm not the only one that has to face my own consequence of my actions."

I gadded her in the shoulder. "You do too, and you must remember you whole the weight of all the vampires here in Asia. You betray them, and they will react back." Ren glared at me, as Mark came over and gave me a back hug. "She right, it happens with wolves too. Your actions can trigger either a bad reaction or good."

He backed me up, as Ren rolled her eyes before walking away from us both. "Wait... I though you were with Jackson... not Mark." Mark pulled away from me, so we both could look at dragon of Asia. Mr. Kwon Jiyong himself from YG entertainment. "She is hyung." Jackson came over and kissed my cheek.

I looked over at him, and couldn't help but smile when we made eye contact. "My mentor told me about a Day-walker among the vampires that fell in love with a human. Their string of fate was braided so thick that, even if the vampire out live the human, the human would be reborn and come back to the vampire." We both looked up at Jiyong, before I pounce onto Jackson.

"Fate to be..."

Jackson chuckled as he kissed me on the lips in front of everyone. "Ooooo..." I couldn't hide my giggle as I hid my face on Jackson's shoulder. It was so nice to be able to relax together.

It was only a matter of time til Erik fuck this all up

But I just wanted to enjoy the moment now.

Even had the dragon say this was fated to be..

to be continue

= ^-^ = Hope you enjoy the chapter ..... See you next tuesday for next Chapter
*She will have 3 names... Chinese - Mei Raun| English - Roselyn Hope | Korean - Gu Ki Raun
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