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Hey InnerCircle!!

It's Mino week!! A huge thank you you @SerenaArthurs for giving my this idea for this week's card!!

When Mino was in the ballad group, B.O.M, their dorm was infested with ants and other insects. It was bad enough that Mino felt a need to express his intense hatred through rap ~

I Hate Fuckin’ Ants - Mino

Hey Hugeboy
I kill the ants
Fuck da ants motherfuckers
I truly don’t like bugs
but I live in goose bumps everyday.
The hyungs roll up their sleeves and catch them all instead.
14 hours of practice, coming back tired
I open the dorm room and the ants greet me
Filled with the smell of Pigeon in between the dry laundry
Ants, these bastards smile at me
Feeling pissed I fuckin’ sprayed F-Killer everywhere
thinking they would go away but they evolved
and they fly around now
Fucking disgusting I feel irritated again.
This means war, brave general Cesco
Carry around ant spray and spray, demo
The ants are wake but only the little ones are out
Bring your mom, it’ll be a massacre fuck off
Fuck the ants
Where is Cesco?
Go die ants
Go fuck off, we’re tired too
Semi-basement warrior, Mino’s move
Wish that all the ants would die
but talk about ants, there are roaches too
One of you decide on who’s going to stay, don’t form a union
but what’s the use? Their heads keep increasing

my blood is back flowing, how many more
do I have to kill?
when will I sleep in peace without my thick blanket?
looking through twitter
they say that ants multiply when they feel endangered
why am I only finding this out now?
I’ve already pestered them
Gosh really, mother fucking ants I kill you fuckin’ ants
Ah they’re so gross and fly around ‘oh what’s that?’ that’s it ants

I thought it was a fly. Nah, shit got to hurry and succeed
So we can move out I can’t live like this
It’s sad, sad
But I’m pouring alcohol when I can’t even drink
Fuck the ants
Where is Cesco?
Go die ants
Go fuck off, we’re tired too

Thankfully, I don't think ants are a problem for him anymore :)

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only him could make a lit song about hating bugs
This is great, I love it