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My inner demons scream at me. So full of blood lust and hatred. No, not from others. From myself. It craves that blood it once depended on. It comes back every night and speaks to me. "Why wait? Why wait for others? You know you can't bear to keep it inside anymore." I cower in fear of what it says next. "Just take it and run it through your veins, that dull knife of yours will do, won't it love?" It keeps me pulling back and forth, trying to win this mental war is far from being forgotten. Just trust me when I say, it's not aa choice, its not a phase, its not juat something that goes away, but your own personal hell that finds its way up your throat and takes over your whole being. Its tears you up and leaves you until your just another piece of flesh stranded on its own private plan, riding its way to the next victim.
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