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You being afraid of thunderstorms.

Requested by @teatimefoxy hope you like it.


He calls PJ and Oscar over to be your thunder buddies.


He sings you a Korean Lullaby to calm you down.


*Activate puppy mode* covers your face in kisses.

Ugly Duck

Your ultimate cuddle buddy. He only wakes up long enough to get your arms around him before he falls asleep again but he feels just like a teddy bear.

Cha Cha

He doesn't say anything, he doesn't have to. You latch onto him and bury your face in his chest the moment you hear thunder. You can hear his light chuckle and his big hand petting the back of your head while the sound of his breathing calms you down. With the addition of kisses on your head, he let's you find comfort in him.


He wraps you up in a blanket....multiple blankets.... you look like a blanket monster now.

Simon D

Starts to tickle you so you can't be scared. Then ends the tickle fight in a make out session with his hands on your booty. The thunder is completely forgot and ignored.
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yeah... so i may or may not fake being afraid of thunder for a few of these.
wow and wr just had a storm lol
I love thunderstorms only when I'm home but it depends sometimes.. But damn... I love them all! hehe... I can't choose one.. although I cant say
i dont hate thunderstorms tho. i love them and would be ginding the closes windows to watch lol
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@BabydollBre if it happens out of now where i jump but lol
hahahaha blanket monster
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