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Fantasy edition

You being a witch.


He discovered your book of spells but still doesn't fully process what this means. So he conducts his own research on witches.


Immediately wonders if you'll give him a love potion or help him use a love spell.
"Park Jaebeom magic used selfishly has consequences!"

Ssam D

Refuses to believe that you're a witch, even after you prove to him you have magic, he thinks you're just playing a prank.
"Magic isn't real Y/n."
"Aish! Kiseok-ssi I don't know what else to do to prove it to you."


He's about to ask you questions but instead walks away. He's pretty sure he doesn't want the answer to those questions anyway.

Ugly Duck

"So do you ride a broomstick?"
"No Ju- Kyung I ride a car. Broomsticks can't hold a person be serious!"


Hwimin: May be this is her way of telling us to stop pissing her off.
Gyujeong: I've been good you may want to check your record bro.


"Oh shit so you're an actual witch, spells and all."
"Yeah but I'm still me babe. I'm just a bit- extra. Well more extra than before."
I think they took it well.
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lol, "check your record bro" and "more extra than before" got me rolling
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4 months ago
no duckie i ride a car xD
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Lmfaoo omg @BabydollBre I cant with you! Hahah.. haha Groovyroom though lmaoo... and of course duck would say that.. but yea they all handled it pretty well. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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