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The day had come. It was finally time to say goodbye. Mi-Nah, Luhan and Tao had all already said their goodbyes to close friends and family. Everything was packed. The house was spotless. They all did one last final look around the house they grew up in.
"We'll be okay." Kris spoke placing his arm around Mi-nah. She was already tearing up. This had been her home for as long as she could remember. "Think of it, like an adventure. It's fun, exciting, scary and new. Don't know what's going to happen but we'll be there. Together."
Minah nodded and allowed her dad to pull her outside and into the waiting taxi van. They were off to the airport. As the van pulled away Mi-Nah watched her house shrink until she could no longer see it. The boys where lucky, they could fall asleep anywhere. When they reached the airport both boys had to be woken. The three kids shuffled their feet as Kris led them through the airport. It seemed like all Mi-Nah had to do was blink and they were already on the plane. Everyone napped except for Mi-Nah. Her brain just wouldn't stop thinking about how South Korea was going to be so different.
Once the plane landed Kris and his kids gathered their luggage. The man they would be staying with was unable to meet them. Something had come up so Kris grabbed a taxi. He wasn't thrilled about the price but understood. No one had spoken much on the ride, everyone was too lost in their thoughts. When they finally arrived the kids stretched their limbs before freezing mid stretch. The house in front of them was huge! It made their cute little home back in China seem like an ant compared to this log building.
Kris smirked at his children's reaction. He had already been here before so this was nothing new to him. It hadn't changed since the last time he had been here. He took a breath breathing enjoying the fresh air that filled his lungs. Just as Kris unloaded the last of the luggage and about to pay the taxi driver the door opened. A young man opened the front door. Kris handed the man his money before getting his old friend.
The kids where still staring at the massive log house, well more like mansion. It looked about three stories with two fireplaces, a wrap around porch on the second floor and a terries on the third. Different plants and trees where well placed strategicly around the front. While the shutters where panted a deep red, the wood seemed aged yet new at the same time. All in all it was a beautiful place.
"Kids!" Kris waved a hand in front of their faces. Tao and Mi-Nah jumped while Luhan simply turned to face his father.
"You can stare at the house later-"
"House? BàBà!" Mi-Nah exclaimed. "This is not a house! this is a mansion!"
"How insulting." Tao mumbled.
"Are you two finished or would you like to continue being rude to our gracious host?" Kris asked with a raised brow. The kids all turned and noticed the man with a friendly amused look on his face. A deep blush of embarrassment spread across Mi-Nah's face while a light one crossed Tao's.
"Kids this is Junmyeon but everyone calls him Suho." Kris introduced. "Dongseang, these are my kids." He motioned the kids closer. They all moved to stand beside him. Mi-Nah standing a little closer than the other two.
"My oldest son Luhan, Tao and my baby girl Mi-Nah." The the kids each gave a polite nod and nervous smile.
Suho spoke but the kids had trouble understanding. Mi-Nah looked up to her dad for translation.
"He says you can call him samchon."
"Samchon?" Mi-Nah repeated with a weird look.
"It means uncle."
No ones POV
"Hyung," Suho spoke. "Please come in. I'll show you around and to your rooms."
Kris followed pulling his luggage behind him. The kids followed tired from their journey. The ride to Suho's mansion was longer than the flight. The peaceful atmosphere was broken as soon as the door cracked open. The TV kept blaring and then going mute or the channel kept changing.
"Dammit Sehen stop messing with the TV!" Kai growled to his younger brother.
"It's not me!" Sehun exclaimed holding his hands up remote in one hand.
"Your the one with the remote!"
"I haven't touched it look! I'll prove it." He set the clicker down and nothing happened. He then picked it back up.
"See! Nothing!" He held the remote. The TV changed channel again. This time to a children's program. The two where unaware of the snickers coming from their hyung who sat across from them.
"Idiots." He scoffed with a shake of his head.
"What the heck!?!" Sehun exclaimed.
"Give it to me!" Kai tried taking the remote from his brother's hand.
"I'm your hyung! Now give it!"
"I'm your hyung." Sehun mocked. A fight broke out causing Chen to burst out laughing. Not a minute later a herd of elephants was heard coming down the stairs. That herd of elephants ended up only being two boys. One had a large grin on his face as he flew down the stairs while the other had a mustache drawn on his face and what looked like the beginning of a patch eye only half way done.
"CHANYEOL GET BACK HERE!" Baekhyun shouted. He was a head shorter but wasn't far behind.
The two zipped past a fuming Suho and into the living room. Kai and Sehun where still wrestling for the remote while Chen cheered them on. Chanyeol looked back causing him to trip over one of his dongsaengs out stretched leg. This gave Baekhyun a chance to jump onto Chanyeol.
"Excuse me for a moment." Suho spoke through clenched teeth. He strode into the living room before swiftly closing the doors behind him. Of course that didn't stop his voice from carrying through the closed doors.
"THAT IS ENOUGH!!" The boys froze at their dads tone. "CHEN BE SILENT AND HAND OVER THE SECOND REMOTE! KAI, SEHUN SIT ON OPPOSITE SIDES OF THE COUCH. HOW CAN YOU NOT GRASP THAT YOUR BROTHER HAD A SECOND REMOTE!?!" Both Kai and Sehun scrambled to get up tripping over the other.
"BAEKHYUN GET OFF OF CHANYEOOL! AND CHANYEOL HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU THAT BAEKHYUN EYELINER IS NOT MAKEUP!" The boys tried and failed not to laugh at Suho's last line. Baekhyun just glared while the others continued to crack up.
"Alright enough!" His tone had the others clamming up. "Our guest have arrived to a zoo!"
"It is like a zoo around here." Sehun mumbled. The other snickered while his father glared.
"We have guest and they come into a mad house! They haven't even gotten past the foyer! Now all of you will be on your best behavior! You will apologize for being so rude and carry up their luggage while I show them around. Then you will freshen up for dinner and set the table and if your not on your best behavior, so help me none of you will eat for a month!"
The boys all nodded but remained where they sat.
"Now, come and apologize." He ordered them. "A single warning and your all going to grounded. Also Chanyeol your going to replace Baekhyun's eyeliner."
Chanyeol sighed but nodded. None of the boys had moved.
"What are you all waiting for?! Off your butts and over here now!" Suho orders. He took a breath to calm himself before opening the doors to a mixture of expressions.

Author Note 
Alright I hope everyone enjoyed this update. Sry for the delay and I'm leaving it on a cliff hanger. Mi-Nah and the boys still have other Exo members to introduce. That will happen in the next Chapter. 
Sry for the delay on updates been having writers block and getting ready for the next semester of school. Gah it already has me stressed out. 
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That's gonna be one interesting household,to say the least! lol😅 Can't wait to hear what kind of mischief and craziness they are going to get into.😆🤗
Haha it is. 😆